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A bunch of dancin beefin street blogger lames
So don't get mad at the king if I should call your name
The new cartel - the doc pop the tag off my
cocaine aside
All the blogger behoove
My critics finally have a verse of mine to jerk off to
I own you all

Please speak of freedom
Sing of amber,
year old blogger flow
If 'Pac ain't on your list then you ain't fuckin' logical
I'm talkin' other shit, not no fuckin' 504
What you gon' tell me when
rid of me
Guess I gotta do a fucking song with Dom Kennedy
Get these fucking hip hop bloggers to start feeling me
Because I'm seventeen, compose my
miss it
How that man went and sold fifty?
Not one blogger even noticed him
But they don't diss them, they just don't listen
Oh I get it, they don't
did it my way without all the complaining
And all the whining all day like Kanye or Wale
For the validation of all the bloggers
And all the same gay
media era died?
Shit, I blew checks before I was verified
I know the Dre that did beef before the Dre that did beats
Bloggers'll be on my meat if Detox
they gon' kill some (Gang)
'Cause they my brothers
Gang, gang

Blamma shit, niggas be too caught up with this rapping shit
Acting shit, bloggers
you show it
Yeah you're bad, explosive
Go 'tell em bloggers, that they can quote me

You got that bomb bomb b-b-bang
That damn bootie clapping
Can't violate the JET code without penalty
Even family get let go "Fredo, you killing me"
I work hard, bloggers thinking that it's 10 of me
caught up in the barbed-wire
I'm independent, fuck yo system I get paid without it
Got a new pothead bitch who moonlighting as a blogger
That rapper
prove a case without a throwaway (throwaway)
You know I'm sturdy, I'm just worried 'bout my protégé
Fuck a blogger tryna instigate an open case
I'm independent fuck yo system I get paid with out it...
Got a new pocket..bitch you new writin as a blogger...
That rapper weed she smoke that spitta
shit's in the club
You want me to say some names?
I'm too seasoned in this game
That only give em' pop fame
Fuck bloggers, fuck bullshit hype
Ice is
then you see how badly we needed I
Young doing it my way, that's Frank Sinatra
I might hang with you bloggers, but I bang with the mobsters
See me
a blogger to perform it live
They'd have better luck playing Frogger on the 405
You don't stand on any ground on which to base judgments
Or stand underground
chiamate flop

Ma guarda un po'
Adesso tutti quanti fashion blogger
Coi vestiti nell'armadio e scarpe come se piovesse
Giro sempre per 'ste strade, le
Lever på noen blogger, ja vi vet du er så kåt
Han e avdanket, avdanket
Løper for livet, han bikker snart førti
Masse av følgere, ingen har møtt
Shes a Tumblr blogger
Instagram model
I place a heart every other pic
And she never comments
Nowadays its so common 
All these girls think they
bloggers & foodies 
Fashionistas, rappers with gucci & no chill 

Pacific coast highway is like a dream 
When your head's in the clouds 
Southern Cali
Shirin David, sie ist nur ein Touri
Diese Blogger-Schlampen machen alles für den Fame
Aber Selbstbräuner machen Barbara nicht zu 'ner Bae, yeah
Rápido e grosso
Só vim para te rebentar a coluna, mano
Sem piedade nenhuma, como se eu fosse o Akuma, mano
Sou capaz de pôr as bloggers a dançar à guna
a feast with a spider
You shouldn't bother
You're a blogger, a typer
Oh lifes a bitch when I can't fit inside her
I guess I'm just bitter as shitty cider
the day I heard of Pete rock

Never doubted
Any of my talents
I be texting all these bloggers always tryna tout it

I got tunnel vision
They should see me

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