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and your soft skin, and your big ass in that sundress (ooh!)
Good God, what you doing that walk for?
When I see that thing move, I just wish we would fight
Walk in the club with the cash on me (cash)
Gang in the club with the strap on 'em (gang-gang)
I cut you off, turn your back on me (cut)
I hit a lick,
There's no hoe in me
They know that I'm realer than donny
She kinda stole from me
You know take your man's body
Too much road in me
I do
weight came better than pounds
Getting international fists off, my big nigga rocking Esket
My light-skinned constituents in the hotel with they glasses
can't play me
You best be quick for talkin' that shit
That I'm'a gets that 380
I'm all up in yo' grill
Time tah chill
Pay my bills
Gotta stay real
Black Glock in my hand just in case I gotta blast, see
You get gaffled like a bitch if you chin check
The A-K 47 put him on his back
Broke him down to his
Donkey Dick, yeah
Today we will be interviewing my pal my good buddy uhh
Big Al

[Willy Scratch]
Willy Scratch, that's me, Willy Scratch!
I like to scratch
Yeah, you got Celly Cel back in this muthafucka 
Once again, you know 
'Bout to drop this soul playa shit on y'all 
You know, nothin' but
call me Big Bun for nothin' 
No homeboys you come dead, well put em to rest 
Bumba clocks em all dead, wit two in his chest 
Botty bwoy you come dead,
G'yeah how we gon' get on this one? (Westside) 
Uh my homey Bird in the house (N O T are in the house) 
I said da foes in the house
Black Glock in my hand just in case I gotta blast, see
You get gaffled like a bitch if you chin check
The A-K 47 put him on his back
Broke him down to his
I might have to pour myself 
Another little moonshine... 
Here we go: 

It was a sweet and frosty May, 
In the town of Thunder Bay, 
When Dale
When we dippin' ? ?
We do it to ya in this side
That's right
That's' how we do it in the L-B-C
All we know is that "G" and we
Trying to get
for this whole year
In this big city of rap, unless it's Joe Clear

[Hook 2X]

Rock and roll with me, uh
Cardan make you bounce to this, uh
[chorus] {:13}
run up in your crib, where you live, let you die
put you one in the bed home-vade
duct tape your whole body to you ankles to your
Hate the pops and kill the T A

Hang with my crew blue strings in my shoes
Mary Jane and some loop while we swags in the coupe
I'm addicting to smacking
the pussy filler
I'll fuck a big boned or slim chick
Beat that pussy up real quick then send home the bitch
Ain't no sleepin in my bedroom
When henny's in
 Don't even try me with those player scripts, I know
 the game
 Actin' like you big money, but really small change
 Boy, please stay up out
big girl wants to nut (yeah)
All she had to do was ask, I would have fucked (ha)
Discrimination ain't in Lil' Chris (Lil' Chris!)
Everyboby know mad
the ghetto
But I'm under the sun in the meadow
Me and this Amazon sittin' on my lap
Butt so big when she walk it clap
Doin' the hoochie coochie in
some even fled when they saw the head,
'Cause G's dick would make you seasick fuckin' me in a waterbed.
Don't try to paly me like no sucker,
Cuz these
and on and on and in time I'm
Movin' with the smooth the groove that some consider dangerous
And you're playin' this, I ain't new to this

Yeah it's a Scarface
or pa dukes?
There's two scoops a raisin in the sun
Brothers try to rally up, then dilly dally for some room
Bird peckin', doulbe deckin', rubber
live by, ways I kiss by
We all murderers in the eyes of all ours
So when I pull a bubble up and back in your car
When I spit sixteen's you gonna wish

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