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down the block kid
Reach in my poc-ket, yo where's my knot, it
Follows me into the spot, compellin
Go check the dread and yes he's herb sellin
Turn Up (MikeWill made it)
We gon' always get money man
Young Jeezy, Big Sean, Juicy J
Boss shit nigga, let's get it

Every time I go out, you
Turn Up (MikeWill made it)
We gon' always get money man
Young Jeezy, Big Sean, Juicy J
Boss shit nigga, let's get it

Every time I go out, you
and Taneisha I'll be back in the morn'
Another lie that I carry on
I need to get back to the place I belong

I'm coming home
I'm coming home
Tell the world that
chop, shawty-shawty don't screw me (hey-yeah)
Shawty don't chop me, don't-don't screw me (yea-yeah)

Have you ever been in the VIP room
Of your favorite
Thing is yeah
It started in a small club
And now it's in a big club
So obviously, the movement is working

Let me kill it with flows
Hafti, Hany, H2
Weil wir fatal reim' kriegen Hater Schwanz in den Arsch rein
Ihr seid gerade dabei, wie wir Deutschrap zerfetzen
Wie meine habibis die
around and made a boss
I clocked in when I was 12 and never clocked out
Tell me what you was doin' when you was 2 nigga?
Bitch you know what was
Klingt wie 3 Chinesen mit 'nem Kontrabass
Was willst du Gay am Kotti?
In Skinny Jeans bist du nicht A$AP Rocky
Zur Seite mit euch, ich verpack
never heard nothin' like this before
Bruce Lee room and I got the glow
Got hands in the air when I'm at the show
Black wow got that body woah (woah)
more than love in a relationship (More than love)
Takes more than a judge to be innocent (Oh, yeah)
Takes more than dumb to be ignorant (Know that)
wanna f*ck like right now

We gon f*ck like right now
Like right now? like right now!

I wanna f*ck
My dick sucked

A bad b*tch
With a big butt

of doing drive-bys
Its a pound town when we slide by
Used to call a nigga IZOD
KD Standing like 5'5"
Goddamn that's a big bitch
100 shells in that
che sta in difesa
Cannavaro, Mascherano
Quale team, quale rap, siamo un altro pianeta
Sono un big tra i più young, sì, di tutta la scena
Faccio hit,
Little Eazy's last niggas
New wave for the golden age
That's when it was 'Pac and Big
And a lot just had to change
That's when if you popped your
and made a right on Exposition
My big cousin Dulo, he was always with the Crippin'
My rellie on one, he was always with the whoopin'
Dippin' down Slauson,
I'm in the rarest positions
Stacking up dollar, I'm flipping
Two Beamer, two Beamer
I'm in this ride, in that two seater
New 'Gatti, new 'Gatti
Ooh, Lil Pump, ooh, Lil Pump
Yeah, yeah, brr, yuh, yuh
Know we smoke a lot of gas on this side
Ooh, Big Head on the beat

I just bought 3
right up in his face
Tell that man he should toughen up (knuck or buck)
Brain fuck a ant mound (it's soft yo)
Brain fuck with cream cheese (the spread)
the replay

Niggas only watch and talk 
Homies in the club only watch and stock
But mommy your a ten, I wanna make a plan
'Cause I want you, and dey want
have to come kill me
I been through it all, I came this far how a nigga not gon' feel me
Ain't no facade, no cap in my raps everything I say the real
dangerous, yeah

Freak bitches
Oh she bad, but she don’t even speak English
And she got a little street in her
She get loud, hella loud, when I’m deep in

Ya see de gunshot, when dat fire it hot.
You must build a big house, over dovecot.
When blow us a doh weed, and blow us pon top,
Nuff pretty
A wonderful guest
Has agreed to come here today.
He's an artist.
The pictures you saw
On the screen
Before are his.
Please a big applause
To a great
Mic check, I can get smooth to any groove
Relax the tongue, let my mic take a cruise
around the planet, pack em in like Janet

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