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niggas in hundred degree saunas
You can act a fool if ya wanna (biatch!)
It's this lyrical piranha
Strapped wit a grenade, in the pool with ya mama
of Hub
Because they needin' more than that hoe (than that hoe) the big fat hoe
Tryin' to get every ballin' nigga in the saddle (yee-ha!)

Lap dance,
„Hear what? I don't hear anything unusual“
„A sort of strange haunting music
It's been coming in on a interstellar frequency
But at regular
supposed to have the last laughter 
'Cause even when I'm gone I'm reappearin in the after 
I haveta, send respects to real money makers 
Do not connect us
ones for the shows
This ones for the ghettos

Hey, who put them asses in motion?
Hey, who flow it fast like the ocean?
Hey, this shit is past
then you're givin' no slack
Like a Burger King with a sack of Big Macs
We're throwin' down with the radical sacks
On time, in your mind you see
Aiyyo check this out, supreme figga nigga Big Kap
Rockin with Lil' Jon, Eastside Boyz, Chyna Whyte
(Ludacris nigga) $hort Dog (Ay tell them niggaz
faces sent from up above
Bombs burst, fireworks, big production thing
I'm talkin' horns and string, orchestration is my love

So don't you have no doubt,
and self enterprise are her big lines,
But just how much of that does she offer to others
In her contemptible use of people?
She was prepared to risk
dippin it baby, so what you want? Here we go
Painting the picture we keep it hot in the winter
Now big up my people you know I'm always wit'cha,
that boy are-E double D
I'm a star sipping bar in the car, sitting sideways on the highway
Two hundred the fly way, what that boy say
That boy's out
Once upon a time
In a far-off kingdom
There lay a small village
At the edge of the woods
I wish...
And in
Phase three, ooh wee, on a love oasis
Joy upon our faces sent from up above
Bombs burst, fireworks, big production thing
I'm talkin' horns and string,
sur l'air de Live and Die in L.A.
Là c'est la lutte finale, sans délais
Vite je me soulage l'âme à l'oral
Fêlé, j'suis l'élu m'a dit l'oracle
lire la lettre écrite à Mazzini par Albert Pike
On a senti qu'en 2013 c'était pas la même marche
Les Beurs de Vaulx-en-Velin ont fait all in sans avoir
équipe on est solide, j'fais de l'avance, oh oui
C'est bon qu'a coulàé de nos colis
Sans voir les cartes j'ai mis All-in
C'est pour Keny, tout la
Pour 100 000€ cash je baise Angela Merkel
Tu parles mal de Lacrim ? "Nique ta mère", t'as trop donné ta chatte ? "Nique ta mère"
Big up à la police ?
les go
Et j'parle pas de p'tites poufs de tass-pé big boule
Et Black B qui fouillent tes sages-mé
Et quand j'écris beat lourd et amné'
Guizou est

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