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Something's going on in society
(Dancing with the big boys)
You chew your fingers and stare at the floor
(Dancing with the big boys)
One wrong
his eyes 
And said Lord why am I in Japan 
Oh Lord why am I in Japan 

Then he told me a story about yesterday 
When he walked in the search
to prove you wrong

Now you say,
Is everything right?
I smile,
There was never doubt in my mind

'Cause this is the big time
It's the big time
Have you ever heard a love song that you didn't understand
Well you've met her in a teahouse on the Island of Japan
And have you ever traveled over
him down in old Japan
Say ye'

Well there ain't no better blend
Than Joe Ely and his Texas Men
Where the wind blows
I ain't seen none like that
What we need in the world today
Is a guide for the married man
Some simple thing that in every way
Would provide for the harried man
Help him not
Well, there's a message up in China
That they're getting in Japan
It's bouncing off an ocean liner
And make 'em shake 'em in Siam

And all my
convicts, on some John shit 

Switch do camouflage, cat get the money in fact 
Go to war like Japan, if you push and do dat 
Keep his movements to 3, when
away, gotta pay, lotta K
from my daughters we send they mommas they sum
But then there's problems when I'm away
But I gotta go get it, a lotta dough in
on television 
Getting paid to play the fool 

It's the power and the glory 
It's a war in paradise 
A Cinderella story 
On a tumble of the dice 

I can put another brick in the wall 
It's sanitary rational and happy and sane 
Growing like a flower to surround us all 

Big city
Big city
a chew it up raw
We're back in heavy metal like we above the law
London, Japan, Germany and France
Lisbon to New York, we're live up in Netherlands
and cheepnis in the case of a monster movie has nothing to do with the budget of the film, al
H it helps. but true cheepnis is exemplified by visible nylon
And taught their English to our young
And all the beads we made by hand
Are nowadays made in Japan

Cherokee people, Cherokee tribe
So proud
Scientists in Japan are building a robot to take your job
Doctors in France are growing a heart that will save your mom
Eyes wide open, and your
screamin' and bleedin' - Big Jim 
Froggy in the meadow under the log - Big Jim 
Rollin' and wheelin', stealin' and dealin' - Big Jim 
Bol Weevil, it's
the plan
We travel to Beijing and end up in Japan
Hoods everywhere, bring the goods and gear
And teach them how to hold mics and grow them beards
Big money goes around the world
Big money underground
Big money got a mighty voice
Big money make no sound
Big money pull a million strings
And when I climbed down to be set free
She took me in again

There's a big
A big hard sun
Beaten on the big people
In the big hard world

When she
think he really is dead

It's 1994
Teen spirit has become a bore
Who's in power now?
I think I'll turn on the TV
Man on the news says Japan is gonna
Hey Grace, guess what? Cool. 
You’re teaching in Japan and I got another school
You got another man and I got another boo
I’m glad we moved on,
See yeah, you know they smoke alot
I know they poke alot
I know they got popped in Japan
By some global cops
It looked like some herbal
But it
It landed in a field in Idaho
Where it came from, I don't know
It did not look like it came from Japan
And out of the dark walked a strange man
[Featuring Tha Alkaholiks] 

[Intro: ]

To Japan they love the sound. Ha whoa. We made it. What's up J Ro? 

(Aw I'm faded). Ah ha "check it
Woa Kemosabe, woa, woa
Woa Kemosabe, woa, woa
I said woa Kemosabe, woa, woa

I blow the check in Follies
I coulda' bought a 'Rari
Pull up in the big

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