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Money rule her assets, that evil so possessive
Flashing, you know these niggas
Sloppy and they bogus niggas
Pass me with them stories, you ain’t
You spend you assets to get my cassette
Now that's fresh, the red hook address
Make a cop jealous swell like abscess
I'm shoutin' bigs up
Spit it out, suck it in.
Let that genius flow.
All the answers to all the questions,
There's nothing you don't know.
Experience is an asset
for everything
Except for every meal
I hate to have to say it
But I very firmly feel
Maria's not an asset to the abbey

I'd like to say a word in
neglect your message, sit back, enjoy your assets
Take time from all the pressure, know I'ma get what's destined
If I don't see the daylight, my shooters
an asset
You never were a drawback, no you weren't

All alone at the end of the day
Really tired, it's time to hit the hay
It was always good to hear you say
You know as they say
If you want to Taney
Ya got's ta pay

Yo what's up gorgeous, what's your name?
Baby let's talk about your assets first
And they still got your old influence (ayy)
Look at your all into it (ayy, ayy)

Just paid all my taxes (my taxes)
Writin' off all my assets (all of 'em)
over people
Be the privileged few to have to own to hold

Money property assets before lives
Green gestures of a dying planet
An endless debate only
Flow goes backward please, Evidence here to seize
All assets, bout to bounce from BMI to ASCAP
And ask them cats if them checks ain't paid
their assets
Lower class jackass, pay me tax take out the trash
Working for the world go round
Your job is gold, do as you're told
The pay you less
their assets
Lower class jackass, pay me tax take out the trash
Working for the world go round
Your job is gold, do as you're told
The pay you less
the drug, gather the assets, step on the head of the drowning man.

The tide has turned, allegiance tested.
Upward and uninterested.

Hailed as a saviour
Taught her daughter how to use
Only the best cosmetic foam
Taught her daughter how to use
Her assets in a world of trade
Taught her daughter very
and take it
If you wanna reap me
Take it all away

Take it all away from me
Take it all away from me
Not an asset I possess measures up in merit next
the sound before 

Listen to yo punk ass diamond sherm like what the fuck I'm around here for 

Rough lines and hard rhymes 

Consider me an asset
niggas doin drive-by's with my ashes in the car
are-A-S, H20 liquifyin you assets
Repo your flow even in (prepo letho?)
Straight outta Aruba, lampin with
Never spilled the beans when the cops finally caught us
All my liquid assets are flowing like a stream
and my fingers are faster than Yngwie
Healthy selfies in wellness, I'm on that
Know my worth it's no accident, I'm an asset
Aware of thee energies that I transmit
beat us, join us 
Hear me access, and I produce my assets 
Point blank period 
Oh it ain't over, just had to clear my throat 
Ah, and here I go
with the assets, just get yo' ass in

"And will you please welcome to our stage"

They represent, I gotta gift my rap presents, what's not to get?
trunk full of gold
If shit should ever go low
Then we will never go broke
Liquify the assets, audio dope-boy magic
Keep the Bentley console full of weed
For short lived cattle grazing land
With the whole world in their hands
They're cutting down and burning up the land
Asset stripping the medicine
Pistol-whip they ass 'till they open up the safe in Calabasas
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, nigga
Kick in yo assets, all yo dough an yo baguettes
Before I

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