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and get the chips
Go and get a rental, I got a cute bitch
She's showing some potential, so we taking trips
Nigga, assets last while memories fade
I'ma patch
the Bronx!)

It take hard work to cash checks
So don't be fooled by the rocks that I got, now assets
You get back what you put out
Even if you take
a great asset
But you're wrong, wrong, wrong

All that fiber optic gear
Can't replace your fears
Like an island song

Stop worrying about confession
the Bronx!)

It take hard work to cash checks
So don't be fooled by the rocks that I got, now assets
You get back what you put out
Even if you take
splittin' your wig

Now my freedom is to me my main asset
So I'ma keep it 100 and give like I get
Chill at the Ponderosa and smoke that good
I'm tryin'
last one 
Sexy like my last chick I'm checkin' out her assets 
Her ex-boyfriend is past tense 
I talk to her, I listen to her text her then she text
feel real
And it felt great when we had sex
I tore her out the frame, with pics of my ex
From my aspect, I love your assets
I love your mini skirt,
On tour with The LOX and had a project address
Before this rap shit, all my direct assets
Came from high-risk hazards, you know, Pyrex glasses
Straight up out the gutter, never had shit
Now we got 90210 on our address
Talking 10 mill just to get an asset
I know them tears still falling
Bruce Wayne
I got his credit card, his ID, assets to his cave
think I’ve lost my assets today

Hey broker man, please don’t make no more investments
'Cause I would like to keep my shirt and pants
Cancel that
declare restoration of everything
That the devil has stolen from me
I have honor in the midst of my adversaries
And an increase of assets
Especially in
and bury me
But surely, God'll deliver me up out it
I'm a fighter to the heart, I forever be about it
I'm a father to my sons, asset to my community
up out it
I'mma fighter till the heart, I'll foreva be about it

I'mma father to my sons, asset to my community
Look all that I done my good out weigh
as real as they come
But fake thugs love to hate, some punks be ice grillin' me
'Cause I g-g-got assets, no liabilities

Now to infinity, grown women be
an ally who
Looks as secure in his job as you
(Aide #2:)
But more important current political thought is
Your wife's a phenomenal asset, your trump card
Activatin' movements, I'm the truth at that
Know how to multiply my assets, ain't no stupid cat
Every day I'm wakin' up and doin' deals
Buyin' when it low,
I run it up, then retrace my last steps (frrp)
I'm in her eardrums talkin' about assets (yeah)
"Do you wanna?" "Yes," hol' up, I ain't even ask
That made me a bigger asset to the plug
But tell me how you feel when your plug tell on ya
Your partner in crime on thugs tell on ya
Talking 20
higher than an elevator
Bye bitch, I'm everywhere the cash is
You ain't got no assets
You're a liability to loyalty, now back that
Try to get you
haven't ran out of gas yet
And when they stacked decks, turn handicaps into assets
Fanny packs, hourglasses
If time was on my side, I'd still have none
Lady, you remind me of my raps on that Relapse shit
'Cause you got an ass thick as them accents
Two ass-cheek implants, call that an asset
Whatcha gonna do, to me, with you

All you need is
What you got and
You got so many assets
That make my blood run hot
To me you're as good
with his chemical morsels
He's no lab tech
He was born into a legacy stretched from Aztecs and beyond
Assets he was drawn to
Had him spinnin'

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