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I see when you come home 
I love all the assets 
Have me feelin' like Clickin'
Scrollin all on the message
You be so hard
Vintage kicks
Fresh out
Doing acrobatics
All for mathematics
Not too good at math but her
Daddy do her taxes
And she acquiring assets
Damn look at that ass she tan she
the real won't fade
Comes a time when you've gotta forget what your dad says
Evolution been my fucking asset
My route swerved, but my roots firm
Move into
to succeed is my greatest asset
I'm still the addict I thought I left back in the cold sweats
Congratulating myself for things I haven't done yet
Done bet
all your shit, huh (all of it)
Your momma lame
Your dad a bitch, huh

Been stacking my assets on acid
You was stalking your bitches while I was trappin'
I consider each breathe an asset so I'm thankful I'm alive
That's the reason all these seasons leaving me deprived 
The grass only greener
to greatness im The missing piece 
I paid for her uber to my place that's A shipping fee
Had to ask my banker bout my assets And liquidity 
Got the diamond
Money making, slaving
Prized asset, nine
Figure corporation
You don't know yourself
Hi nice to meet you
Been around the ship man everybody speechless
harder to access 
Tuck my tummy in 
It's where I hide my assets 

You ever turn ya brain on too early 
When the birds still chirping 
And you've been up
Centered in the night time
Dark rhymes, mamba hind
Snake ass, slither on assets
As if it was planned in the Amazon jungle
Stumble but no fumbles in
long like clarinet
Stayed down like a corvette
Only play with the big bands My lil liquid assets

I was just about to stop rapping
Found out I was world
set, my mind an asset
I may sound cocky but please could somebody contest?
Police could get bodied by tech threats
I could go digital wreck-less
That's your cue wake up 

Lost the power gave up space a new reality I chase
Shattered my soul I'm out of time an asset I can't replace
There's no hope
a flying guillotine 
My ability's to turn assets into liabilities 
Like I shape shifted into ya greatest enemy 
You a copycat killa. I kill a copycat 
spectacular? what?
That's ISS (ISS)
I don't wanna talk about money or my assets
No fake zone, as I watch ye throne, walk away
Better run before I dethrone, you
Girls just want to have fun, I ain't even have to pull out the wallet 
Follow her back to her assets where the crack at I'm a smack that probably
traitors to the USA
Criminal facets of these cultivated assets
Once recruited they conspired and colluded
Putin's puppet with a haircut like a Muppet
for her assets
I can be humble later this is magic
Can you imagine
Going hard in paint everyday
Every single fucking day
Tryna make a fucking
I'm with Geno and we make this s*** back flip
Thinking it was shortcuts but that took longer
We got to teach our kids to be business owners
They'll never hold me down I swear to god I'll never break 
No matter how much money is
Gainin assets the type of wealth they imitate 
in air over eyelashes
Throw the past like orange straps tossed overhead of their bronze assets
Tarda un Swipe en conocerte
Y solo un dia en enamorarme
and great white whales
The canyons and currents are like money trails
You'd need a depth sounder to fathom the scale
Of the liquid assets on which we sail
Everything switched on em when he got indicted
He had a long run without a pop up
But they popped em this time now he in lock up
Froze his assets but he got
myself hmm? Where I do I start? 
Always been socially awkward but I guess that can be an asset
What do I like about myself, my hones

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