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non-transparent industries so
We must defend Atlantis
Anchor the land and never transform into seas
Assets to liquify all netted toxic indices so
We must defend
the battle was just a Queens soldier story
And fuckin wit niggas unless you asset to all for me
Spotted the code, with five seconds to explode
Escape wit
speaking in lifeless tongues
Indoctrinating the marionettes who could prove to be assets
Your leaders to us are just puppets of whom we pull the strings
the message doodled in brail
(ooh!) What wouldn’t you do for the gram?
Shake her assets while I’m movin’ them pounds
If I committed suicide it’d be the first
reverse tonight eh

Baby you know you're the ancients
If na to book you're the baddest
And if you lay back this asset
I'll be loving you baby regardless
of the youth stop tryna turn us backwards
My satisfaction lies in blackness, bitch, I own my masters
Ali like Cassius, all my assets to my sons when ashes
say love is blind
But I dey see am for your eyes o o o o
For your eyes o

The baddest
Baby girl you the baddest
Oya shakee your asset
Make e man no go
Man ah real blood sucker yuh pass me di ratchet
Gasoline run your house wi burn every asset
Your ashes to satan addi only process
Kill man like wi
Bannon bring it back in, when I ascend
Everytime I speak it's like I'm trippling my assets
Sadly for the moment still cashless
Chase can attest, but
Earn a living  
Make a million
Frozen assets  
Modern living  
Big titties  
Burning bridges

Heart attack  
Body bag
No regrets and side effects
breasteses and assets
That's what she used to
This going be a story that start out with i used to
Did this and that with the who's who
When you ready tell
love to move their mouth
Par with the gadgets, you're with the annex
Rah, all of that ass, asset
Man's old school like video cassette
Jackson, Janet,
keep on breading bitches now a days
Too many phonies with these contracts
Only want your resources as an added asset
I keep a strategy ahead of the,
a casket 
And slay them hoes like an assassin 
She let me analyze her assets 
And go crazy when I'm absent 
Cece baby 
So confident don't believe in ratings
All the bad ones color me bad but that's in the past I know, shout out that thing behind you I am blinded by your assets, good lookin' She said, ""so

What's power does everyone have
It's a name, it's a word
It's got three or four letters

Before we can die or worse
Or give in to the burst
Give it
coming out the mother fucking casket.
Catastrophic, animal assets. 
Stand atop the tower, drop and smash shit.
The bats gonna fly, we coming out
as an asset or consider me as a threat
See I gotta get it for mine
Talking a pad yet you taking it
Talking bout our sketches yet you traces it that don't make
mad not mad
A smile makes someone who's sad not sad
A smile makes good people outta the bad
A smile is an asset you always had

It can bring you
need your attention but it'd be nice to have

You do not need my noise but it would be quite the asset

You're open ears will be our shelter from
answer to. How do you live with yourself.
Where's your conscience. Where's your conscience. Do you think. This is just. 
Such an excess of assets. While
your assets
Giving no help
To the underprivileged
Joy was not gained
Only the hollow pain
Being afraid of losing
Your stolen wealth to the thieves
almost wasted
Those assets earned, almost wasted

And all my time is almost wasted
All my memories and all my time 

And all my time the blood I've
of me an evil filter on me
With endless doubts I'm moving out take your chance now.

Unpredictable aspects, Unpredictable assets
All this is carrying

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