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yo hold up
Your car, your keys, your deed, indeed
Trustee, to read, guaranteed, to me
Your stocks, assets, you can keep, your debts
Head as good as it
Thinking i have all the tools and assets 
And you wouldn't be no help 
To do what life demands
But when hope dies 
And i have reality to face 
demanded, assets, income
With limited expenses 
Even then I learned when I was ten, god damn
Come again, come again
Are you listenin'?
Just checcin
You mother fuckers watched it burn
Paint black the lungs of the Earth
Profit on our breath, let the fires liquidate
Our natural assets drift in
don’t be talking for nothing I really be preaching so ya should jus listen man
I don’t want likes i want assets
To Get it in large amounts
Crying for
Just closed escrow and the money came straight to a G
More assets than liabilities
On god, you niggas ain’t fucking with me
Ain’t fucking with me
Tell her I can't change 
Bitch I'm never sober 
High of our asses 
Counting our assets 
Money kept growing ever since my last check 
Ever since my last
The last chick I just made her vanish
My standards increasing its drastic
So many bands someone grab an elastic and pass it
Got so many assets
you spat
They don't care if your a classic 
No one care if your Jurassic 
Only shiny assets
Music now so tragic
Slight of hand it's all magic
And right now I'm piped 
You hoes should step up, ain't none of you fuckin with me
Lil thick chick with some nice assets 
I'm 'bout to step out on the scene
over you ey
All the times I was all up in it
I never took it for granted
I’m loving your assets
Girl you’re impressive (Girl you're impressive)
poppa told me bout them beggars
Yes I know my heart is cold
I don’t need Aeropostale’s sweaters
I need bags
Assets and glutton
Lust abundance
Oxford street so I spit like I'm a dictionary
l'm loko sorry if I got your bitch on choke hold
I'm a asset to these streets
Ain't no time for liabilities
merely asking
What you having on right now fit all your assets 
Body come together like glasses during toasts
Like roll just like spokes on bikes and get
asset is time
And when that timing is right
Find a permanent home to reside

In time
I'll rise 
Shouldn't take to long
(Fuck it all)
Within it all
a car key
This is just a test drive
Im testing out your sex drive
Let me do a crash test, looking for your assets
You should get to know me, I'll send out
a red dress you are
One of kind
No matter what type of mess you are
I see beyond it
Your assets are high
I want behind it
And I don't mind if
We sit in
they fans cuz I'm the man

Yeah I'm fly like a jet, two fingers and that pussy wet
All you hate but I never fret, I am the world's biggest asset
a diffa-rent step
March inna boot caw mi neva wear crep
Watch dem a try study moves wehh mi mek
Game changer like Di Genius

Fly Again Boss wi a build wi assets
couldn't stop talking nowadays not feeling it uh
I don't need no degree I was lil boy still tryna make millions uh
Hop out the whip with some assets huh
I do
invites get refused
Have you locked up for abuse
Out of sight like Timbuktu 
Cameras flashing 
Never catch me but I stay up in the news 
Every asset is
ass alone
I know it needs me
Laid her head on my chest
Made her home
Our bond, An invaluable asset
Shorty been waiting to exhale
No Angela Basset
Some heavy losses
Every purchase ain’t an asset
They never got it
I used to scramble with the workers
Now I parlay with the bosses nigga
I'm with
without glasses
I can smell you from that distance I smell unwashed hairy assets
We both can't afford a shower but somehow you just smell worse
A gym is

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