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to show your assets you have it you grind for it
Take it fuck they permission go get it 
Its mine 
Ours for the taking 
The power is what you make it
Tell me how ya feel

This effect make you feel like I'm a hip-hop aspect
Rappin' is my asset
These niggas trashmen
They say this rap shit dead, I'm
6 figures 6 figures
New car new crib new neighbourhood
No keys  the whip push to start
I should tell Siri to autopark
Millionaire asset
cared for me at all
You just wanted all my assets
It's such a fuckin shame all these memories I've lost
I call the highest stakes see my assets all gone
Talkin all this shit like what the fuck am I on
all the loot
I know you slimy and that's fine but I stay far from you
I can't be involved with who
See me as an asset 
Leave em in the past tense
That's Colin Kapernick
That's Romantic
She pretty now, That's Zoe Kravitz
Her assets, They all massive
That's no plastic
But It's RAx, and Dam's Joe
This old ghost town is a world gone missing
Empty assets, empty living
We're counting grains of sand for something of worth
Saloon's dry!
No feelings
yeah I must be
My shorty so bad she got assets
And her ass sitting thick like God Damn
Everything that she say I’m like yes ma’am
To my niggas, all we
aware of all the shit and be prepared
'Cause when the time comes and all the hate is in the air
You plot ya greatest assets and you build on your career
yo hold up
Your car, your keys, your deed, indeed
Trustee, to read, guaranteed, to me
Your stocks, assets, you can keep, your debts
Head as good as it
clappin energy I matching
If he taxing we gon cop a few
And then get him for assets
I serve grams
Rap wasn’t the plan I’ll die for my mans
I serve sand
control of your innards
Your assets
It's a mess
Playin with your heart cuz my liver has never seen rest
Momma I’m so sorry your kid is living a dreamfest
Baby, Like Woah Woah Woah, "What you got to offer?"
I don't want your assets Girl, because Crazy Women Just think
You want to have sex With The
demanded, assets, income
With limited expenses 
Even then I learned when I was ten, god damn
Come again, come again
Are you listenin'?
Just checcin
They ain't understanding the slang tho
Hit it one time like bang bro's
Tryna find the gold in the rainbows
Peach sangria with some mangos
You don't
You mother fuckers watched it burn
Paint black the lungs of the Earth
Profit on our breath, let the fires liquidate
Our natural assets drift in
don’t be talking for nothing I really be preaching so ya should jus listen man
I don’t want likes i want assets
To Get it in large amounts
Crying for
Just closed escrow and the money came straight to a G
More assets than liabilities
On god, you niggas ain’t fucking with me
Ain’t fucking with me
you invoke another
With what you say how can we be blood brothers
They have all the assets so they fear no suspension
Complete their agendas with some
Tell her I can't change 
Bitch I'm never sober 
High of our asses 
Counting our assets 
Money kept growing ever since my last check 
Ever since my last
The last chick I just made her vanish
My standards increasing its drastic
So many bands someone grab an elastic and pass it
Got so many assets
you spat
They don't care if your a classic 
No one care if your Jurassic 
Only shiny assets
Music now so tragic
Slight of hand it's all magic
you dare to try

Fresh new boots and some leather jacket
He's the meanest motherfucker in every damn asset
A pint of beer and a good green smoke

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