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Your greatest asset is to be yourself

Just be yourself
Just be yourself
Don't try to be anybody else
Just be yourself
Just be
my glasses
He be lookin' too
But he lookin where my ass is
You know I can't see without my damn glasses 
Mind your business
Stop staring at my assets
tryna Rob me of my passion
I'm low-key tryna Rob you of your assets
Fuck out my face if you ain't got no asses
Booty is the goal, heart is the passage
Shops shut down, troops in retreat
All that's new lies incomplete
Assets gone, there's no receipt
She my vanilla queen
And i'm her cocaine
She likes bragging 'bout her features
Hundred upwards likes on facebook
Like the way she handle her assets
the train
I use to have 4 and a half
Yeah I miss the caine
An asset to the game
And I don't miss the fame
I'm on the road to the riches
Dippin switchin lanes
and brand it!
Your skin's displaced from your face, I'm dead-set on bagging it!
Hang it on my wall as an asset so I can throw a fit!
I have fucking Issues!
Morio ngori anasimamia njiste
Kaa ni ngeso, mi huzungusha na Diffre
Kaa ni asset, kuzipeleka moriste
Kaa ni Baley, mi hubwagishanga ticre
Tuko frontde
a house
Bet I own me some land and I build myself a house, what

Time to change words into actions
Into transactions, assets and more shit
Fuck a liability
Shots being past on
Still assets like magic 
First one to show you inspector gadgets
Another asset seized
One more limit broken
One more rival bites the dust
You can say you don't believe in a broken system
"Never capitalize," there's
And Her ass her biggest asset
Said it’s going down
Down on the pole
Pants so tight
You can see the camel toe
I won’t let her leave
She don’t wanna go
I would say buena suerte but you outta luck
Girl I got no more to give cuz I'm outta fucks
This year my focus is investments and assets
don't know
mine closin', finger waggin', carpet baggin'
Bull whippin', asset strippin', purgatory, sad story
Takers keepers, losers weepers, jeepers creepers
lawyer, honestly love a rapper
She don’t want no doctors used to be wit trapper
Plus she got some assets, told me she wanna back up
She ain’t finna ask
it then
Find a paper trail follow it and stack it then
Let it flow to us voluptuous assets can
Change a lot but they can't change everything
If you got
Only for customers looking for assets
The only business that we cooking with pleasure
Is pleasure doing business same way as leisure
I'm building up
the assets and oh a nice ass
Ya nigga standing right there like oops my bad
You brought ya saint friend like Ooo Who Dat
She gone chew on me like a now
want the Hip-Hop
Everybody in the room get yo ass up
I wanna see your asses
You wanna see my assets
I’m running for my glasses
The bubble in your
a spelling bee
I don't want you assets, already know your address
Feeling hot when we reach the top
Like a hot loaf of French baguettes
Baby don't you worry I
All our different kolours

Brooklyn Spitta
Bad gyal Killa
Known as the baddest
Ass aint the fattest
More than my assets
And I still cause a lot
peeped my swag so now I'm quick to screwing
When I fucked I broke her back now she calling dan newlin
Sued me for my assets and the restitution
But she's
He got his foot on the gas
We smokin that gas
I want it to last 
Go head and pass it
One hand on the wheel
One on my assets
Show me somethin' real
at best average, leave you in past tense
Laughing to the bank, depositing all my assets
Emphasis on ass, but I don't play with no thots
Gotta cougar bitch

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