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Your future forefather, your new wave slave wrapped in chains and amulets
And hard to earn assets

Yo, niggas game playin' but not name sayin'
like, 'oh!'

Girl walk in the spot; she stops traffic
She's got everything, like her asset
So Jessica Alba fantastic
Instant classic; boys like,
the sound before 

Listen to yo punk ass diamond sherm like what the fuck I'm around here for 

Rough lines and hard rhymes 

Consider me an asset
ol' song
If the time ever comes that I meet my match
Take control of my assets
Fuck startin' from scratch
Take care of your mother
Keep yourself
gather the assets, =
Step on the head of the drowning man.
The tide has turned, allegiance tested.
Upward and uninterested.
Hailed a savior as enterprise
Your future forefather, your new wave slave wrapped in chains and amulets
And hard to earn assets

Yo, niggas game playin' but not name sayin'
Absorb you into my skin
Surrender to your assets
Victim to your reflection
Attacked on all my senses

You prove it to me
You prove it to me
Waitin' to exhale like Angela Bassett
Though I won't be burning threads I'll be burning your assets
In the meantime, between lines, there will be no
for everything
Except for every meal
I hate to have to say it
But I very firmly feel
Maria's not an asset to the abbey

I'd like to say a word in
no earthly assets but my heavenly Shepherd
Through that very essence I escape the ashes of the blazing furnace 
Like the three Jewish men
Through this
faker than the spray tan (Fuckin' clown shoes)
Yeah, when the doorbell rings, I have flashbacks
The feds want my assets, I'm thumbin' through my last
a mill in assets
They told you fake it til' you make it that's why yall don't be lasting
On God ill never cash in too much passion
That's the realest
chauffeur good life and dreams of never penny pitching
Relaxation is the antidote to cure this tension
I want more, encore
Liquid assets that's yo heart pour
can't keep up with me 
I'm balling on you niggas  
Not showing off all my assets 
Like Wizard kelly, bitch  
And all you haters on my dick like Limousin
Get your ass lift
And that ass is
The only asset
That you have bitch (bitch)

Guess I'ma see you in hell
Looking forward to death if you couldn't
bottom please
I freak like I'm under lobotomy
Look at her credentials, she got all the assets
Must be going mental, never had no ragrets
I just do it big,
signs, sorry if u left behind, no stress, safety thru the crash test, air bags like a mattress
Flow good like a fasset, inspired no retire my assets, fully
To have a royal family, just does not make sense to me
Protect their own interests: land, wealth, power and assets
While some of their subjects can't even
Can't drink oil, can't eat gold
The only real precious asset H2O
We demand more every day, but the supply stays the same
Growing ever more polluted
never missed
Because I'm always around and I'm so lascivious
Suppose I was the type of girl that never said no
Always flaunting all my assets, always
if we stack first 
We can double up in months
Use our dreams as our assets
But to get there we got to map it
And no money don't matter
Its just
then chasing your goals evolving your assets
Whats sentimental to you? don't make them question your views
These camera flicks don't capture the damage
I'm gonna get wasted, very much wasted
Cause I didn't know I was going to get tested
But I know how much you've invested
So for assets sake just let
I'm no money king to buy a diamond ring
Got no bank account to invite you out
Got no cash in hand for our wedding band
Nil on asset-side for my jet

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