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there's a face on mars
Why do they hide the fact?
Of alien artifact
While NASA still denies alien life survives
Why won't they let us know?
What the photos
So it says deep within artifacts there's some new haven ? the safest places. 
The switch is on, the switch is off. 
It makes no difference until
you say your name was again, kid?
[ El ]
Yo, El Da Sensei, man, Artifacts, man
[ Kaos ]
Aight peace
[ El ]
Yeah, we comin from the Bricks
[ Kaos ]
What's you problem
Dig it

I'm an art-I-fact finding dig
Discover, recover, uncover, plow
I dust off my treasures and say wow
Wow wow wow wow
and woman
Are just a shining artifact of the past
Everybody knows the scene is dead
But there's gonna be a meter on your bed
That will disclose

"El Da, Sensai with... El El, El, El..
 El Da, Sensai, El El El, El, El, El, El..
 El Da, Sensai..."

"Artifacts shit, we got the hard
who's the best
Tame and MC El bringin lyrics to ya chest, one two
(repeat 2X)

[El Da Sensai]
One two, Artifacts, nine-six
My forms, patterns, some might
the Artifacts, bustin on this Lord Finesse creation 
Causin heart attacks and palpatations 
Amalgamation like steel, we calibratin mics to keep it real 
the Artifacts, will bug and have the last laugh

We're comin through all studio sessions
Bringin 40 motherfuckers, pissin all over your conference tables

[El Da
represent and come with it
But whose the rudest boys, coolest with poise
Artifacts be stickin them with rhythm poise
Is on the biz, taylor skills like Liz
of the beat (Artifacts assure me that this is Mary J. Blige)]
"My subliminals, mixed with criminal chemicals
 Got more mily syllables than alphabet cereal..."
niggaz take a dive
Kickin skills live, as we return from the wrongside

Uhh, it's like that
Layin shit down on the map
Artifact crew, in the house
He's real beautiful artifact
Rehearsed and controlled and daily checked

But 'cause emotionally engaged against Demon's Lib
He once arranged
with his dead boat
Wrapped around his artifact
Protecting that

Lie awake
I sleep awake
I sleep with one hand on my .45
The other 'round my baby's
From the heart the pressure just might arrest my cardiac

And perhaps it snaps some back if I don't cut it some slack
Release the spirit that be
you. Your precious artifact shild needs to be safe, they're talking to a kid who's skin is a different colur? Grab the kid and mow 'em down!
Each new
tried to relax
I got dressed up in those ancient artifacts
And when I walked into school, it was just as I thought
The kids were cracking up laughing
hot as Asia, or cool as glaciers 

I counteract like macks and blow tracks out the wack 

and turn MC's into little bitty artifacts 

My ghetto

My hands at my back, pushing violent acts
The truth an artifact
The rabbit in the hat
Kicking out this make believe
Dedicate a new belief
all G Broad Street down to Stuyvesant
Niggaz got talent, move like Allen Iverson
Rappers by the number, Redman, Artifacts
Lords of the Under - sprint
Contained in blood scrawl, compiled evil artifacts.
Insane instigators of ritualistic pacts.
Necronomicon, bestial methods, age old torrid acts.
enemies will never be friends

The city's artifacts are thrown into bags
The safe's been blown apart, the river's been dragged
Another diver's got
got trust issues I can never fix
I'm true to myself and my promises and when I'm in Rome I do the opposite
Got my voice back with my artifact
Now I'm
the closest artifact to an antique beat ripper
An analysis of this'll prove three things do
E-X, that's a)i'm in the earthling crew
E-X, that's b)We're

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