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And baby if you hold me
Then all of this will go away

My many artifacts
The list goes on
If you just say the words
I'll up and run

Oh, to you
Ba du bup baa
Ba du baa
Ba du bup baa
Ba du buh buh baa

I'm hunting for a magic artifact
Guarded by wolves and bears
Cats, bats, rats, velociraptors
an artifact  
If you don't see where were heading take your face out the map   
Ride the I-5 glidin' south of Beverly Hills  
With my hand up on the wheel
to Africa and back 
With the artifacts, blueprints, papyrus and maps
I'm like Indiana Jones but if Harrison was Black  
I'm just trying to keep my heritage
Congregate, wrap the throbbing mass in it's covers

I can't forget
Her bones lay bare
The lover's mist
on her body

Her silence an artifact.
it waits, behind golden gates
Sealed in a chest made of diamonds
Heart pure as steel I must reveal
To hold artifact in my hands

A gleam of steam
of old
In all the different artifacts
That History has known.
And we regained the knowlenge
Of the previous great age
We know for sure whats hidden there.
Companionless ship navigates through ether
Forlorn artifact floating upon the deep
Soaked in waves of desolation
Lone, it has long been forgotten
We have come so far 
Crawled through knives and artifacts 
We had a purpose and a reason 
Behind space and time 

Ignore the fixed ideals 
Serve your
Leave them back in the past
No more ugly facades
No more grotesque masks

Throw them all, In a Wormhole
Throw these false idols away
Oh Yey,Throw
to the lunar surface's dark patch
The darkest part of the Moon where ISS2 was parked at
Inside onyx black alien artifacts
Well guarded in the event
You know you do what you oughta do
Like me, pull a quarterback audible

Ayo, Capone, you know I'm rare like a artifact
Send a bullet through
hot as Asia, or cool as glaciers 

I counteract like macks and blow tracks out the wack 

and turn MC's into little bitty artifacts 

My ghetto
Another photograph that was folded in half
To be preserved inside my box of lost artifacts
Another game we played, storytellers paved the lines
What's you problem
Dig it

I'm an art-I-fact finding dig
Discover, recover, uncover, plow
I dust off my treasures and say wow
Wow wow wow wow
He's real beautiful artifact
Rehearsed and controlled and daily checked

But 'cause emotionally engaged against Demon's Lib
He once arranged
the Artifacts, will bug and have the last laugh

We're comin through all studio sessions
Bringin 40 motherfuckers, pissin all over your conference tables

[El Da
represent and come with it
But whose the rudest boys, coolest with poise
Artifacts be stickin them with rhythm poise
Is on the biz, taylor skills like Liz
of the beat (Artifacts assure me that this is Mary J. Blige)]
"My subliminals, mixed with criminal chemicals
 Got more mily syllables than alphabet cereal..."
think it's over wit
Three Six grinnin' tap it up an artifact of rockin' shit
Hate this shit, slap this bitch, dis the bitch just like it is
'Quipped wid
artifact shows a generation, try and understand
And a man-made decision in division all men
Then again when or why must eye reign speech
Everyone and each
We are considered a find. Another artifact in the dips
And rises of civilization. But still it has turned
Into a commodity and I listened to you.
there's a face on mars
Why do they hide the fact?
Of alien artifact
While NASA still denies alien life survives
Why won't they let us know?
What the photos
and woman
Are just a shining artifact of the past
Everybody knows the scene is dead
But there's gonna be a meter on your bed
That will disclose

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