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if I can
Break this thing down more clearly
Articulating that this beautiful thing
Comes with a few items of specificity
A few different faces like
Sticking it 

With my sound particular 
I'm articulating lines 
Not materialising dimes 
What happens talks for me 

Like phone tap with AZ
No contract is
I saw Mary, in my dream last night
She was dancin' up on the table, tellin' a great old fable
Shreddin' on her, fiddle
Articulating better than I
articulating brokenness is the first step to healing
Or at least I hope it is
Because how many times have I bandaged the cracks in my identity 
With syllables
Articulating the words that I hear 
Machines of thought
Permanently in repair

I walk a fine line between what's wrong and right 
Caught in designs
I got work situated
And it's loud so it's been insulated
And her uh, salivated
In her mouth like she articulating
I'm 10 on the way
I'm setting
Saved myself from a society built up
From blood and the fears
Manipulation surging straight through your ears
So I'm fighting back, articulating magic
One, two three, four

I'm still a lover of words
I'm a lover of articulating something with precision
And I said, this is how I'm feeling

I'm not
Staged behind the setting, legs broken
Memories reading cold, the caution used
Mimes monologue wane, gesturing farce, articulating chartarsis
exclaimed as I wade through the better half of my room
Enunciating and articulating the fact that I feel so damn weak
All I need is a boost of confidence,
sets these bones alight
It's got to be love ive never felt this way

Maybe I could've done a little better
At articulating how it is I feel
the darkness
Intricately articulating
Thoughts to flows
To differentiate my techniques
From all of those 
Who don't respect emceeing
Only have thoughts of gold
the middle and situating my goals
Articulating my flow, they're speculating, I know
How the boy is getting better, I'm stimulating my growth
It's titillating,
Gassing up the DeLorean 
Articulating petroleum
As above so below
From alchemy I grow
Molten lava my flow
Controlling waves, Calypso
Fresh canvas, Van
articulating this, but
Jumped, grabbed a limb, and flung myself upwards
Before I had the chance, rapidly
Emerging victorious in a one
Man race to the
right All right relax
I know that's not the way you like me best
You want me shutting myself in
With coffee pages and a pen
Articulating the miseries you
Pissing me off tho
I’m going off tho
Balling balling like I play for the Broncos
Articulating every thought that I make
Estoy viendo en blanco
Aye, Xay
You sound so lethargic
My flow so cold
It's like I'm spittin' in the Arctic
At the same time committing arson
Articulating my words
To make sure I'm
Let me show you what I'm making
I can speak and let my thoughts seep into the sea of reality
Nobody but me can see where I'm actually
I will try

Verse II
We lack communication, our biggest issue's articulating our situations
You say that I'm foul, I don't mean to be so flagrant 
understood just half of The passion it took articulating 
They would never muster up the Smidge to hate it 
Boy you trippin if you thought I did This shit for
Articulating loss
It's a cause
I can't feel
Imagine filling holes in your heart
You can't heal
I'm losing in love
I'll put at my walls again
And even in
for contextual sophistry, articulating frustrations =
sure ain=B9t easy!
Wanting to avoid tedious references to goriness, and transcend the =
perpetuating, articulating 
Balla's down four, you can't take me 

What the deal ma 
Funkey Mama plays the track so you could feel, huh? 
I'll make a D, I'm

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