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we come to near 
That later it will crumble 
As we start to stumble 
Like a boring city bumble 
Who announces the rumble 
As we leave the message is
instead of later
There's still
A chance
To bounce back
Announce that
There's still
A chance
To come out swinging
At full force
But it won't be easy
No one
A Shepherd boy to a King 
I know this God, who announce Esther 
As a Queen
The same God raise up poor out 
Of the Dust 
God of season and time
to life
Will rape this planet Earth and extinguish this humankind
A misanthrope satyr dressed as a prophet, announce the day of judgment
And when there will
of regret
Through a flawed disguise
I will never forget
Your masquerade of intentions
Consequences will come alive
With a heavy heart
We announce this motion
sent rain 
And soils have been replenished
It won't surprise me if you came 
So you announce the ending
It won't surprise me if you came

Came to light
I'm no longer keeping to myself I think i should announce...
Suttin like a cloud and i'm proud to announce that i've just picked up an ounce
Of the loudest weed we have around smoke a couple zoots won't hear a sound
on the Train yeah hop on the train
Stop by stop the trains on time
The one comin’ up is it yours or mine
Blow the horn announce the train sing the sound and I’ll
never would announce dat
Did really push O's really trap out
Did you really fuck hoes in the trap house
Do really got a plan got it mapped out
Did you
Guide me Father
Guide me Father

The king greeted all ten of his council
Sing the song of our lord, announce his will
Stuck beneath the sun, beached until
The rain comin'
The thunder waiting to announce me
I walked in bouncin'
Get to the do’ like a bouncer
Spit that fire like Bowser
Koopa, shoot that coomp it
The thunder waiting to announce me
I walked in bouncin
Get to the do’ like a bouncer
Spit that fire like Bowser
Koopa, shoot that coomp it
would know
I ain't fucking around with you hoes
I don't need to announce it to those
I just reply how it go
We just might die, I don't know
But I ain't
to attention to be put to question
Have you lost your perception?
Well I think I found it.
I am proud to announce that
A soul can be grounded in others
I just get out
Or should I go announce

You wonder what I'm doing here
Running with the big boys coming up from the rear
Let me make something clear 
This time I'm walking through
indigenous race or some sound natural ground
Pound for pound take down fake clowns with a single pounce
Proud to announce the profound surround sound to wow
I be throwing money away
Like candy at a parade.
I be looking when they announce
Candy to the stage
I be throwing 5’s and 10’s
Like college ATMS
as chain
And she bad as the thing
I'm too cold for the game (Ugh)
Must've thought I was playing
Just announce me the king 
Cause They know I'm doing my thing
excited to announce that I am leaving Faerlina
But, just as a hardcore raider
I'm sure I'll still be over there socializing with the guild
Cause the guild
Distant bells of Blarney ring out
Birds in a chorus sing to announce
Spring is now fading, summer is nigh
Pokeweed and pansy open their eyes

Wanted to show love to the sound
Cuz I became aware 
And they be putting dirt on the clouds 
My god given rights
I'm hurt I truly announce
The reasoning is logical
Until i turn the tables
Vomit bars like an alcoholic
And announce Ungeobi on SoMe the comic of the year
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