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Did I not hold tight enough
I was never good at starting this stuff
You announce in theory class you and him were so
I had to lie and pretend I let
the self-support
If you great
Then be the first to announce it
If you the one then be the first to say it
Best believe when these songs drop
I’m the first to play it
announce their fury,
black oppresive masses,
darken her vision of infinity.
The stars guide your destiny.
Follow them for ever in oblivion;
follow them

British Rail announce a delay in the arrival of the Royal Train.
This is due to staffing difficulties.

And from the US of A - the reigning
Announces the dawn a revolution
The more you suffer
The more you enjoy your...


Betrayed by an underrace
We are not part of that flock
of talking in the breakfast house
Became love and whispers that we’d be each other’s special spouse
Now, what we have is the last thing we’d announce
around me
How you real, if your gang can't announce it
Money so long I'll never stop counting
House on the beach and I love how it's sounding
I want me
what's yo name, how you pronounce it?
I never said i was gon' wife yo ass, no
But, if i hit then best-believe I'm gon' announce that shit
This bitch a ten,
And together we left the party
They said they wanna just know already
Well so do I
Can announce it on social sites

So let's make the rumors true
They been
and she gon make that booty bounce back (Back) 
And when I hit it yeah fo sho I'mma announce that 

She put that ass on me yeah then I froze up
Yeah I call
die when the sun goes dry cause
Its underground like the pigs announce
About my dead homies

And ain't no tellin' how many 
But it's way more than
You're coming back again 
And the earth will burn away
And the sky fill with thundering
As it announces the day
That has finally arrived

life, Baby!
Could you be my side?
Maybe you could be my wife?
Hey, can you change my mind?
I been thinking about it
Call you mine, I'll announce it
looking at my image
I been looking at images
Negatives say they so real
Why you got to announce
If you so real 
You killing
You kidding?
I am a fraud
A spineless observer
Content with the ills
This world has allowed

Here to announce
That my name is roadkill
The prototype man
A mean
In a book
I wanna die
Leave this rotten earth 
Let me die
They'll announce my death
As another delay
One of many I'd say
Be sure to tell
Felt the rain and sprayed my skin With Detrapel 

Shout goes out to all the
Bells whistling dixie fixed
In the same mentality 
Let me announce our
sleep poor thing 
Non lucid delusions poor thing 

But I have no sympathy your waiting in reckless
Whilst grim announces where death is 
He's headed right
To amplify The Christ 
Of The Spirit of Jesus 
Who gives us countless tries 
To announce the prize 
To the one who seeks to find 
And if you leap for
drop my title cast my crowns this vital
So I announce The King eternal, great in  battle

Now we talk to the Son, Language is coded we speaking in
The ringing bells announces the arrival,
Poimandres-Lucifer Ophis Christos,
Manifestation in the ethereal plane,
Qliphotic lava of subconscious
In the cut
Every word
Time test my white range
Pulling up
Larry bird
Every verb that I spit
I pronounce with a hit 
I announce who I am
Cause I'd die
here to smile
Nigga that left me breathless
Not what i expected
Cuz i know she meant it
I had to risk it
Its like attendance
I had to announce my
rent in an outlet
Got them fiending for snippets ain’t out yet
Got them asking for dates that we gon’ be performing that Joe and I ain’t even announce

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