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The reasoning is logical
Until i turn the tables
Vomit bars like an alcoholic
And announce Ungeobi on SoMe the comic of the year
These rappers are chatting more
announces my death
Few close calls but it's not time yet
Too many chances for my people to supply checks
And they could never deny it
In my old age with
to announce to the stage again
Your wack performer for the night
Jay Bizzze

Until I mary 
I'm no Madonna but I'm, like a virgin
Reading Spurgeon
Waiting on God
don’t try us
Rolly on my mind
Moves lookin so timeless, so timeless
Balling like that, blows your mind
Never let you flex on me ‘cause I got no announce
Hanging around
I like to announce my own defeat
It’s not fair
How could anyone be so sweet to me
Girlfriends roll their eyes
They don’t love me yet
An inch
then hold me a frown
All of my love can’t count the amount
lmma announce girl you a clown
Imma go bounce
Find me a shawty that mess with that sound
his rise
Fearful entomb Him await the third day
Restless assure us his restful delay
Fanfare of angels in white to announce sin's demise 

on yesterday's heels
Tomorrow's becoming a has been
Collecting hot wheels, loving hot salad meals
Making memories of backhoe buckets

A second son announces his
And I be making moves, I just don’t announce that
I’m lil Donnie with big money so you know I count racks
You know what’s up with me, you can’t keep
I spend large amounts
You speak in dollars
But my language fluent in where it counts
It ain’t too much I announce
I leave my business alone
You acting
treats you like everything is misery
Future is a mystery, name marked in history
Now it's time to fucking bounce
Something I'll never announce
Clarity, clarity
Clarity, clarity
I announce to you today
That the days of wandering around lost and uncertain
About the will of God for your life
to get close
On the outside its all love on the inside i'm a ghost
I try my best to stay balanced if its there then announce it
And if i sense one flaw
You slide and I watch
It doesn't get more exciting then this
You lift and I watch
And place the coasters underneath
You announce and I listen
to me
Feels like I just planted it last season
Don't recollect ever missing the dawn
Angel birds announce the morning song
I'm the ghost of Dan
fit हो गया,

दिल ने announce किया
पहला पहला love ये मेरा,
की परदे पे hit हो गया
Filmy हैं तेरा इश्क इश्क, ना ले तू ऐसे risk risk
ये climax तेरा तुझको
salvation is complete)
(Announce it on the horn) 

Hey! Heeeeey, heey, hey! Uuh 
It is over! Change has come now! 
No more condemnation! 
No more slavery!
Independent living on my own
On my lonesome,
Just pronounce it, then announce it
I bounced them
I found it
This is my niche and it clicks
Itch, itch
ready I will announce it
Cause now I'm running catch a breath (Hu ugh)
Keep running keep working keep writing rapping or singing 
Keep doing it without
catch hate from your classmates until the cash made
Hang with slow pokes? That’s a no no, live in the fast lane
You’ll announce that you done bounced back
for failure then they scream they put u on
I done survived a lot shit that u won't think about 
I done did so much of shit I can't een announce 
Now I'm
Draft letter
Then you pussy's wanna flee
Now you pussy's gonna have to pay the fee 

Atomic bomb
Announce your death on the intercom
Play with fire
Under my sleeve That’s what a boss do
You can't win
Cuz you don't spend
And that's gone cost you
So I guess the moral of the story is
brings me home again
Lucero's announce his flight

So rise and shine
So rise and smile
Shine your light

So keep on keep on giving your love
So keep

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