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would know
I ain't fucking around with you hoes
I don't need to announce it to those
I just reply how it go
We just might die, I don't know
But I ain't

You wonder what I'm doing here
Running with the big boys coming up from the rear
Let me make something clear 
This time I'm walking through
indigenous race or some sound natural ground
Pound for pound take down fake clowns with a single pounce
Proud to announce the profound surround sound to wow
as chain
And she bad as the thing
I'm too cold for the game (Ugh)
Must've thought I was playing
Just announce me the king 
Cause They know I'm doing my thing
The reasoning is logical
Until i turn the tables
Vomit bars like an alcoholic
And announce Ungeobi on SoMe the comic of the year
These rappers are chatting more
ain’t gotta announce that
Were breaking up ain't answer cause I was doing my sound check
Girlfriend girlfriend are you still my girlfriend
When you say
If you love me announce it 
Matter fact don't sweat me 
All my girls will get heart sick 
Baby blue Bentley 
Play the blues 
Yea that soft shit
see we had relations duration three years in counting 
Why do you now announce this in my head it was a thought to 
Protect this b*** is pregnant with
on the ground 
I think I got the luck to have these wounds 
Some you can feel but you cannot announce 
And I'm annoy when I'm around clowns 
But this is something
then hold me a frown
All of my love can’t count the amount
lmma announce girl you a clown
Imma go bounce
Find me a shawty that mess with that sound
his rise
Fearful entomb Him await the third day
Restless assure us his restful delay
Fanfare of angels in white to announce sin's demise 

on yesterday's heels
Tomorrow's becoming a has been
Collecting hot wheels, loving hot salad meals
Making memories of backhoe buckets

A second son announces his
And I be making moves, I just don’t announce that
I’m lil Donnie with big money so you know I count racks
You know what’s up with me, you can’t keep
into the mirror
You just gotta see it clear
Unfold, origami souls in the air
Drumroll, before they announce the heir to
The throne, now watch a king
treats you like everything is misery
Future is a mystery, name marked in history
Now it's time to fucking bounce
Something I'll never announce
to me
Feels like I just planted it last season
Don't recollect ever missing the dawn
Angel birds announce the morning song
I'm the ghost of Dan
Independent living on my own
On my lonesome,
Just pronounce it, then announce it
I bounced them
I found it
This is my niche and it clicks
Itch, itch
where I stand by your side
And announce to a crowd I'll love you for the rest of my life and you'll say it too

You're my best friend. I loved you in
ready I will announce it
Cause now I'm running catch a breath (Hu ugh)
Keep running keep working keep writing rapping or singing 
Keep doing it without
And feel
Reality winds like a snake

Reality winds like a snake

The animal shows
What anyone knows
Only you make the plan
But you missed the announce
So I
with the money, the counter keep countin'
Your bitch like a ball, your bitch just keep bouncin'
I'm kickin' straight goals, you better announce it (Solo)
gotta announce it
And why be spending this shit on some clothes to just stand around in
Boy that's a lot of money you're fucking around with

ETA looking
reverse it
Put all in
You heard about it
My winnings
Yeah they will announce it
I grow in my chest
My chin’s out with
Cuz the proof’s showin
for failure then they scream they put u on
I done survived a lot shit that u won't think about 
I done did so much of shit I can't een announce 
Now I'm

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