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The Acorn  


Strong trees, grow slow
Through sun and rain they continue to grow
Seasons change, a new day dawns
Strong trees, forever live on

An acorn falls
Fall or stand

Light a candle
Take to the stage
Say what you must
And then turn the page

Plant an acorn 
In your mind
Feel its roots spread
Until you're
cry in vain!

[Arthur's voice sounding from afar & high above:]

My brothers and my sisters! 

Test that seed!


The acorn as the symbol
inaccessible for deadly curse!

We shall win!

With the acorn of life and religion inside

of our belly 

thus inside our mind!


Have we possessed!
the sun

And pluck me from my ripeness
As passion dies
As love itself has failed
And unto the earth we thrive
Of acorns that gather and cradle to kindest
like acorns
Stuffing them in your face
Skanky, you skank all over
Skanky, you skank all over
Skanky, we will miss you
His Clientele Copping My Drugs 
Grab The Acorn Out the Fridge 
Pour Half the Bottle In a Crush 
My Trap it Been Ringing All Day Niggas Need It Got
dinner plate free form
Acorns in and out the slammer ain't no reform (nah)
Asking me to pray for him (ok) didn't know what to say to em (nah)
Reach for him
the tips bled when feinding and hate being misled
So any opportunity I get to shoot I piss lead...
Dropping Benjis and neighbors to bust these acorns
On days
Looking after his solitary-tude
And I am always searching for a friend

Imaginary queen won't you call
Cause I can't find you

Looking at the acorns
virtue. can't make. each nation alive
in the splendor that they would revive
a golden age must be free for 
acorns as for honesty

bill of fate.
Harmony Gathering thoughts diminishing purplish blue
I went to the mountains to plant acorns and it made me think of you
(Reapeat x2)

Their brains must be smaller
Than a acorn
Thats for sure
Im sayin they're retarded for sure
I dont care about anything anymore
Gonna go ahead start
hard it can be.
The way things are going
They're going to crucify me.
Caught an early plane back to London.
Fifty acorns tied in a sack.
The men from
In the shade where the maidens wade,
The dew sleeps on the petals,
With an acorn cap and the scent of sap
A lonely pixie meddles.

A mushroom springs
Something like Shakespeare
In a nutshell
Like an acorn tree

You can't rewrite what I wrote like a CD-R
Now everyone trying to blow my dick like CPR
body hanging above of your damn lawn
Looking up at myself like where's this thing gone
Real life dogg this ain't no fucking brainstorm
I was going acorns
dwarven doors 
Into ancient sycamores 
Wearing moss and acorn caps 

I have wanted you, it's true 
As the summer spells of wailing lapwings do 
When they
out for me like my brother would
When my real G lost his mum 
I felt his pain anger rage couldn't eat for days 
For my real Gs Acorn Estate 
For real Gs
The lightning struck on your rusty days
And the tears were wept on your snowy haze
The rocking chairs and acorns had a
Drowning blaze
A whisper in the Maze
will hold me in your arms though
We calculate the words to say
Acorns round the threshold lay
Spirits frowning our embrace
Home if I am by your side
as an acorn grows from a seed
Father provide me with all that I seek
My heart is yearning

Dreams are for knowing
Seeds are for sewing
Ebbing and flowing
Dungaree dome is decked like a pagan temple to Zeus
He drinks acorn juice

Roasting his feet by the furnace of peat
He roars at the boars who massively
They say from acorns great oak trees do grow
And from evil man the genocide does flow
From the expenditure the shock waves spread
And the innocents

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