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The Acorn  


for it (Never gon')
We still due reparation, 40, mule and some acorns (Yeah)
Further investment in this floating rock, that we stay on (Yeah)
shit boy you still walking around with the same gun
These niggas love to cap Faizon
I go nuts with the stick acorn
Niggas been stealing I just ain say
too short for worries and fears
Just open another bottle of beer
Spin the wheel and toss the coins
Until what's left is peanuts & acorns

Give the cards

I remember the memory of cherry popsicles in the shade of the acorn tree
And the homemade peach ice cream that your mom made with her new ice cream
30 clip down to twenty
Ice cream down to the socks I ain't friendly
Ion drink Henny This that acorn thought you knew
Taxes em for the half just for
of grass when they first witness murder
And when an acorn falls from a tree
My nails covered in dirt
The empathy that played with sound intuitively to keep
freshman year so I'm fresh n clean
Tryna get a acorn so I stayed up on the scene
Playin ball but a nigga was like fuck a team
Me n my bro on the low steady
find glory
From here
And this time I won't feel ashamed
To say
I'm not sorry for what I've made
Yeah I have changed
The oak from the acorn grew
a squirrel now, I'm a squirrel now, I'm a squirrel now

I sit on your fence, lookin' around
For someplace to settle down
Could you give me some acorns I'll be
and leaf
From acorn to the mighty oak
It's foot by foot the growth achieved
The balance of the breath received
Electrify the feelings
Every step that
be your songbird (Oh, just how lovely for me!)
Crooning for you, my dear

I will stay here, (I know,)
I'll keep your acorns, (You will do what I ask
with two cuties in apartment A3
Bullets hit opponents, bang bang AP
That's Acorn Projects from Set It Off, shit is real
Get your head blown off, this is
Come black like Akon
Tryna nut no acorn
Splash like Nash
Fur coat, Gnash
And I'lI be a menace for the papes hun

You don't want no problem
If you
bitches not the same jawn
I'm so hot Johnny storm nigga flame on
Chick a squirrel she keep swallowing acorns
Gotta grind nigga make sure the cake long
The lightning struck on your rusty days
And the tears were wept on your snowy haze
The rocking chairs and acorns had a
Drowning blaze
A whisper in the Maze
His Clientele Copping My Drugs 
Grab The Acorn Out the Fridge 
Pour Half the Bottle In a Crush 
My Trap it Been Ringing All Day Niggas Need It Got
dinner plate free form
Acorns in and out the slammer ain't no reform (nah)
Asking me to pray for him (ok) didn't know what to say to em (nah)
Reach for him
Off goes the roof 

The trees all bow down to shield us 
A hail storm of acorns
Hurricane of soundwaves 
The sun and the moon
I'm outerspace 
Ain't no space for em 
Can't set here it's no place for em 
We can go dutch but you'll pay for it I might got nuts and crack his acorn
Tie-dye Butterfly. Strawberry sunshine. Lemonade doughnut
Airplane, bike ride, milk jug, windchime, frisbee, crayon,
Bluejay, bathtime, acorn, tea cup,
a humble acorn
And grow it into an oak

To shine
It means gathering your light
And reflecting it on others
To influence their life in a positive manner
the spate of sky's clean sap

Lugh: Remake me! 
Remake. Me 

Dancing swords, hail down like acorn seeds
Blades from trunks - begin:
tree in the acorn
England and France are at once home
Without bad blood, we love our Germany
It is alright you must now forgive
Above the stars, war
Tie-dye Butterfly. Strawberry sunshine. Lemonade doughnut
Airplane, bike ride, milk jug, windchime, frisbee, crayon
Bluejay, bathtime, acorn, tea cup,

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