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The Acorn  


road, that old park kept me flipping over these
Sticks and acorns next to a lot "coming soon" but yet to be.

I watched a halo on a dog sit politely onto
on the crowd with a big gun
They all gotta die ain’t no which one
Do it for the guys can’t forget my son
These bullets kind of thick like acorns
Niggas don’t
Fields turn from green to gold to snow
A foot-worn path becomes a road
From tiny acorn, mighty oak
Chopped down for fuel to keep you warm

No hunger
doesn't feel like Christmas but thats my
Christmas wish

For the first time in our lives
Made snow globes with old jars
And toys we found around and acorns
Log fires and acorns
And sweaters and s'mores
Trees turn to embers
And leaves start to fall
And all of these things
Make the best time of year
nuts like a acorn
Got hella demons all up in my mental
They askin the devil what he pullin strings for
Life pass you by like a car on the freeway
and Sycamore trees
Silent funerals, our peace is flesh
Similar to acorns buried with the knowledge the womb's
Always been dark and holds the whole
Emerge in
alive when I rap
White don with a white don
I'm a python, better pipe down
We all strapped up and got pipe bombs
I'm an icon, you're acorn, and I'm nuts
In plain pursuit of nothing
A gleam from the Edsel slips right by
As an acorn dives into the freshly paved parkway

Johnny sits upon a curb
been pulling off the acorn waist
The cream-filled center, the torso toothpaste
I've kept my meat under wraps like a deli case
But the last time I did
Planted my seeds like an acorn
Boy got the sauce I'm A1
But I'm still chilling with my day 1s
Days 1s
Days 1s
Gino on the beat make the bass thump
you're blues clues
And I'm not Eminem
There is no return, I'm turning the world into my acorn
Don't ignore this emcee
Cuz see I've sworn on a book
stop caring bout a year ago
New estate larger stakes we made
Acorn now a tree turned wood into paper
Big drip let spill
Nigga we wavy
Heavy on da scale
a random stranger
Beats inspired by the 80s
Style in the 90s
I'm a goofy guy
But I'm very shy
I am 6 foot 3
In school I'm like a tree
Need leaves and acorns
camera action
I'm on all fours (yeah)
Need a nigga with
Big dick
Big bars
Hey Von
I need a facial
Have the wood dropping nuts, acorn
for it (Never gon')
We still due reparation, 40, mule and some acorns (Yeah)
Further investment in this floating rock, that we stay on (Yeah)
shit boy you still walking around with the same gun
These niggas love to cap Faizon
I go nuts with the stick acorn
Niggas been stealing I just ain say
too short for worries and fears
Just open another bottle of beer
Spin the wheel and toss the coins
Until what's left is peanuts & acorns

Give the cards

I remember the memory of cherry popsicles in the shade of the acorn tree
And the homemade peach ice cream that your mom made with her new ice cream
30 clip down to twenty
Ice cream down to the socks I ain't friendly
Ion drink Henny This that acorn thought you knew
Taxes em for the half just for
of grass when they first witness murder
And when an acorn falls from a tree
My nails covered in dirt
The empathy that played with sound intuitively to keep
freshman year so I'm fresh n clean
Tryna get a acorn so I stayed up on the scene
Playin ball but a nigga was like fuck a team
Me n my bro on the low steady
find glory
From here
And this time I won't feel ashamed
To say
I'm not sorry for what I've made
Yeah I have changed
The oak from the acorn grew
a squirrel now, I'm a squirrel now, I'm a squirrel now

I sit on your fence, lookin' around
For someplace to settle down
Could you give me some acorns I'll be

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