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The Acorn  


Yo... It's Acorn
Yo they drawlin
He better keep back, cause I'ma keep that
Velvet lapel, He a bonified player
It's nothing I'd buy, but something I'd
Where a cardinal ate his shadow
And that's got to stop
If I'm going to garnish an acorn souffle

The clowns kneel down and pray
That the police will
If the mind still reasons and the soul remains
It shall never be again.


Peace grows from a tiny seed
As the acorn grows into the tallest
of others,
For many's the day
But not from November to May

The floor is littered
With woodchips and apple cores
And hulls (holes?) of acorns
There is
dome is decked like a pagan temple to Zeus
He drinks acorn juice.

Roasting his feet by the furnace of peat,
He roars at the boars who massively sleep
and lanes of this is jail
Garages and pebbles chime
Asbestos acorn trees hang high

Never want to, never did
Paint and bus stops prick some blip
King Canute
You'll be walking back alone
Tonight he'll dine on oysters
While we fall like green acorns
We'll be putting down our roots
Right in
The crumpled sheets of a long hot summer.
Stored images like an acorn, drop
Squirreled away, but still remembered
By the man in the photo shop

Rush hour
the snowstorm
Can't feel my face, body numb, and my chest warm
Rolling acorns
Launch a con
Liquor got my kidney like what's going on
Smoke so much, brain
Managing stings for nugget rings
Went back far like acorn fights on modern swings
Kingpin style, juveniles raised with major flav
Tenth grade came went
'cause you take long
And please, don't make me use this eight long
'cause you could get all six up in your acorn
And trust me...
y'all don't want that
better times than these
Me, Acorn Man
Them, big oak trees
And I don't care if it rhymes anymore
I've been seen as the money mad
Money mad topical bore
So they pull the child from the bed and put in something of theirs instead 
They will leave a baby made of snow, acorn eyes, and crystalline and cold
Getting acorns for retirement
Squirrely world we’re living in
Never giving in, deliver the energy
And the ends are out on a limb
the road with no royalties to show
Spinach and acorns running low
But one thing you can know fuh sho’
We’re never somber spring forward the progress nevers
of the forest
Everybody's singing lead

When Adriana plays the wind
The acorns fall from the trees in perfect syncopation
It all goes together to make a sound
Farvez Afridi, '98 born
Scrat for a purpose, looking for an acorn
Product of a broken system, my mother degree-less
But nobody smarter than that
Two acorn bottles, shawty told me poem
Now, if I poor it, does it make my ass a poet
She rubbing lotion on my body I can't focus
Look in my pocket,
to myself
Got back up
Fucked up again is my health
Toughed up and give a go again but No help
Like I'm Living in sheep farms
Beat born
Awake I'm asleep
Acorns, cranberries, and whipped cream
A comet, a complex, another pipe dream
I'm getting high off of cappuccinos
An alien invading this New England
Did you retrace your steps 
Through the spiralling labyrinth 
To the orchard that you can't quite forget? 

With acorn-pitted soles of feet 
and brass
While I make a Ark for the flora and the faun
From the Hippopotamus to the acorn
Genetically stored in the ship to Orion
Uploaded to ma Quantum rom
Then I

I know it's a lot of men today 
Trynna get that acorn
Trust me I'm ok 
With chilling in your space
I'll Invest in you like bitcoin 
We can keep
almost forget how the acorn of existence
Derives its magnificent beauty from the sorrow of loss

My darling
Even the most unfathomable galaxies

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