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The Acorn  


Rose, she ain't like the others
She spins some dervish, mother
Her bright brown hair, her acorn eyes
She gets me there when she hypnotizes
strip takes form
And grows to an oak
On a lawn with cryps acorns
Ima make sure
Each thought is pure, but filthy
Gives me life, so Im sure it will kill me
You know how hard it can be
The way things are going
They're going to crucify me

Caught the early plane back to London
Fifty acorns tied in a sack
a squirrel that’s not all you’d see
You’d gather up the acorns and hide them in a tree
And when the winter came around you’d be glad to see
That tree, that
and pull
That's thing about arms

I know your white lies and your acorn eyes
I gotta part with my helpless heart
Putting you behind in the back of my mind
the square root of jack shit

My penis is small like an acorn
Sometimes I can't find it at all
It's infinitesimal 
Or expressed in decimal
Point five of point
for my acorns, shit she real nuts
Game winner nigga but this ain't luck
It's Blue Chipping I thought you knew
Chips Ahoy for the whole crew
Shorty can
over the sky
The acorns rain hail from tan oaks
And bright burns the shining madrone
The hunter's taught bow falls out of sight
The mounds of white
the sun
And pluck me from my ripeness
As passion dies
As love itself has failed
And unto the earth we thrive
Of acorns that gather and cradle to kindest
was with this vegan girl
I think her name was Kate
If you're lookin' for some action
Or if you want to score
Just eat some bark or acorns
And she
acorns are gone
He sleeps in a bag from Bed Bath and Beyond

The squirrel has a bad disease
It eats the cartilage from his knees
And day after day, it only
acorns big oak trees grow
And a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do
So I'm off to write my name in the snow
For the boy has become the man, wo-oh, the boy
Love comes and goes
You walk a tight rope
Through it
Who really knows
On tiptoes
Picking acorn burrs
Spring comes too early most years
your time's on the table
and you're young fit and able
and your love's been aching like an acorn tree
take a spin around oh one two three

it's easy
times the shoe
Some days the only way out is through

There's a tree in the center of each acorn
There's a quiet place in every raging storm
Every now and then
A blind squirrel finds an acorn
Every now and then
A crippled sparrow takes to the wind

Lately that's what keeps me going
I find
And they say that the apple don’t fall too far
We turned out to be acorns
And I’m using my powers for good
It doesn’t happen much in our hood
Those in power
They tried to take shots, paintball
But I'll cross when I want like a jaywalk
Pathetic, your weave's synthetic
If you think that you're gonna
but from small acorns mighty oaks grew


One day their evil will crumble, one day corruption will crash down

Before our flags they will be
rich slow
Standing on the acorn I planted
I trust that oak trees grow
ENFP Myers Briggs
6'2" in my highest kicks
Hero to the neighbor's kid
your acorn
Fuck what they say in they songs
Gangstas dont stay long
They make a little noise then they gone
Thats why I tell my sister I love her
won't move
But as you improve, we all improve
Fill our den with acorn mast,
I'll wake before the salmon pass
Ten foot more and nothing moves"
I'm too long
I'm in the club all black goin Akon
Like headlights
I'm too on
Do my Cat Daddy going nuts
Ima muthafuckin fool for this
fight for your right to masturbate!

You've got to fight!
Pass the acorn butter!
7-11 two for a dollar!

They say that you'll go blind 
And your

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