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Memories are haunting you 
And they're making you feel blue
Darling a penny for your thoughts
Are you thinking of the past 
And a love that
We thought it had it all
We thought we'd go unscathed
We thought our love would border on infinity
We thought that we were free
The world would
Thought I heard, Buddy Bolden say
The nasty and dirty, take it away
You're terrible and awful, take it away
I thought I heard him say

Thought I
Much better than sadder,
But nothing makes sense to me this time.


I thought it was good, I thought it was fine,
I thought it was
I took a trip on a train
And I thought about you
I passed a shadowy lane
And I thought about you

Two or three cars
Parked under the stars
A winding
All afternoon I sit alone and contemplate the joy I've known
And suddenly my thoughts are all of you
I feel the sun I see the trees that gentle
Until the summer nights return
Until we close our eyes

Maria, your every thought's my heartbeat
Maria, save a thought for me
All my thoughts are of yesterday
You couldn't bring me from them now
The story says
The giant peach and the way
She played
Crashing waves

All my
Never thought it was possible to be down here again
And never thought it was possible to be
Never thought it was possible to meet this way again
Hot thoughts melting my mind
Could be your accent mixing with mine
You got me uptight, twisting inside
Hot thoughts all in my mind and all
I never thought you were so greasy
I have no idea
? I like you starving
I have no idea
I never thought you were so greasy
I have some good
the look in her eyes, oh, oh
The girl was serious
She wore no disguise, oh, no
So let's have some fun, yeah

(I thought it was me)
I thought it was me
took a trip on the train
And I thought about you,
I passed a shadowy lane
And I thought about you,

Two or three cars parked under the stars
While walking by your side along the way I spied
A tiny copper penny on the ground
Because your thoughts that day seemed oh so far away
I handed you
Sappy pathetic little me
That was the girl I used to be
You had me on my knees

I'd trade you places any day
I'd never thought you could be that
I thought that my first love would be my wife
But in junior high she moved away from here
And I thought Johnny would always be my best friend
Wanted it to be
Wanted it to be
Wanted it to be

Oh, Never thought that I
Never thought it'd happen
Love rescued me
Filled my heart with
The very thought of you and I forget to do
The little ordinary things that everyone ought to do
I'm living in a kind of daydream
I'm happy
When I was a child I thought as a child I thought of toys on Christmas morn
Of puppy dog tails and chicken corn but now I think as a man
Oh now I
bet you never thought it would be you
I bet you never thought it could be you

You'll walk the floor and weep, you will tremble in your sleep
her wrist for the secrets in her mind.
'Here's your medicine', she said,
'If you not smile at him, then someone else will'.
You hold that thought
to let go
Can't keep hurting
Thought you should know
Time to move on
Need to let go
Can't keep hurting
Thought you should

Left you behind
Guess I'll lay here in my bed
Racing thoughts run through my head
I just saw you passin' by
Stopped to look me in the eye

If I leave it up

Careful what you do to me
I thought I was mistaken
I thought I heard your words
Now how do I feel?
I still find it so hard
I'm quite sure

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