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energy, over all wavelengths
From x-rays to radio waves
Being the most dominant body of the Solar System
I am the Earth Star
Sitting on a piece of solar driftwood floating in space.

Magic is the art of influencing the course 
Of events by the intervention 
Of spiritual forces
energies, the principle of life
I am the only mortal with the solar eye
"The third Eye!"

Little by little the spiral takes its form
A vortex of magic
From the edge of outer regions
Far beyond our solar zone
Exists an altered sphere of power
Earth and metal machine of war

Planet's crust
and consciously aware of my surroundings.
Wally I'm getting energy -golly gee
as if I'm solar powered
it seems like every now & then
I skim
This is a message - yeah
To all you jheri curl, cats - SOLAR - yknahmsayin?
You Chic kids, seventy-four niggaz, SEVENTY-FOUR niggaz
Fuck that I
it, fight it!)
(Why don't you care?)

Changing times need open minds get educated
Make policy clean energy it's not complicated
Say it louder,
You'd never know that I loved you
'Cause you'd get away

It can rain on the morning dew
But not the day I look for you
You won't find me around,
It was the last thing I expected to happen
There was a blast of energy, from the sun
From the exposure, solar radiation
Something came from out
the Pied Piper, enlightener, holy cipher
Watch the God strike like a viper
Potential energy pumps the mainstream
Warn a nigga, crazy enough to return
the rap gods
I slither through the streets like a boa constricter
On my car dashboard got the gangsta pictures
Sportin leather and energy , could that be
antenna span's killin'
I'm all full of data like a spiderman villain
I'm part flesh and part energy
The last text I sent you was from the heart literally
Knowledge is the knoalition, also too respect
Knowledge is the foundation of all things in existence
Such as the sun is the foundation of the solar
solar systems
Twist and turn, you learn I talk tenacious
Laser beam and dream to walk the spaceships
Stars of the galaxy greet the grey granite
don't forget to mention me
The angel of rap, the un-ordinary light
Already did what I was gonna do before you even got the mic

We left a large solar
couldn't see me, solar rays scorch Houdini
You know my essence, hip hop and energy
Soul Assassinate ya, never hate ya
It's deep thought, while you drink my
over in October
Punch a hole through your solar plex, and it's over!
I mark X on your chest it's over, and bury the dead
Ain't gonna be no rest
you lack
Air, gas and energy, greater than Con Edison
Fuel into infinity with pure solar medicine
I know what time it is, I clock it on the Sun dial
of physics keep us ground to the solar 
The soul controller, secondary to the power of polar 
Magnetic tendencies with mobile independancies 
understand now the true nature of that knowledge which was revealed to me deep within the shadowed confines of Karnak's timeless temple. Telluric energy

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