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to do with you?
With you, with you, with you?

A throw back to all those 80's slasher flicks
You're a cheap killer, and I'm getting sick of it

Cause I'm a Monday killer a pain reliever
An alarm clocks slasher I'm a careless deliver
I'm a Monday killer a pain reliever
I'm a fake flue
your guns to town or run
But there is no forbidden planet far enough
The slasher knows you'll trip over a tree trunk
But you still wander off alone no
The Godzilla Zillah God, enscripter encryptor,
I drink the Elixir of Knowledge like it was a liquor!
I ain't a rapper, I'm a Ripper Slasher, Supreme Dream
the air
Eyes of fire blaze
Eagle, toucan, feathers cry for war
Charge the picts, hear slasher roar

In a long hut sleep
The four brothers of the night

(verse two: you-god/Golden Arms)
Subject to sing like the slasher slither
Better through a guy's status
Apparatus tied to your liver
Melon in
Cannibals, torture
Blood, guts, gore
Giallo, slasher, horror
Spiders, coffins, crypts
Violence and mutilation

I dream of sleeping
Along side of the dead
and minces your feet

Shrunken, now you are, and grom
Mummified, you're not very far

Butcher, he loves to shrink you
Slasher, and mummify you too
a video
Heya ho, I made a disc for her
Wit Profes, Leatha Face, Slasher and the Star
Aw, back to the ancient roots
Rollin gooks, and we roll the fuck out
Utterly improved slasher purity through defection
A symbol of withhold and the detection
Conceal the hands that cut the throat
Sense the land
J'ai passé la s'maine la tête dans l'étau
L'épée sortie du fourreau, prêt à slasher tous les moulins
Le vent tourne un peu à chaque jour, mais
attacking you
Chop you and fucking kidnap you bitch

People want to label me a slasher
Nah I'm a surgeon, make a facial mask from his fascia
Glass jaw, grave yard, slip and break your neck hard
Ghost of the demon that I cast off, slasher
Fabulous crash that I can't stop, thrasher
the first page of the chapter
Bitch, I'm a disaster, bite your bitch just like a raptor
Booty gang pastor, I'm the hash slinging slasher
Pussy Bacon
To ta wiara która nosi hałas w sercu i w nazwie
Robię miazgę z laików oto liryczny slasher
Przynosimy ci sporą porcję negatywnych wrażeń
Wicked slashers hunt for the weak
Bury the ones
That are chosen slavery
Infernal grinders are diabolical fiends
Intense fighting crucifying all

those crazy cats, those crazy cats

It's the party master, rap slasher, bone cracker
>From here, now and after, catch this Brooklyn Zu rapture
Werewolves & vampires & toxic zombies
And pyscho slashers who kill their mommies

[Repeat Chorus]
Comin out the dirty bay area, Northern Cali
It's the demon throat slasher, lyrical wild gasher
The Bible passer, quick ta blast ya
Wit my
they're right
The hope and the greed, I was on my own
In her volcanic cluster, the world condom broke
Glad you lost her, can't grab her that low
viendo un slasher
Tengo un guacal junto a retrete con mi colección de Thrasher
El piso mojado, la lavadora sus daños
Pienso en los pleitos ahorrados si
Homie that's a farce
Besides it sounds like you rip your ass apart
I'm a real rap slasher
Bash your smart
Track master, I'll smash like a glass
peut mettre du poison dans mon riz
Ou me slasher dans mon lit, tout en me souhaitant "Bon anniv'!"
Je veux mourir un vendredi, à Médine ou à Taïf
d'oublié le passé
J'ai trop le cœur cassé
J'oublie mon ex j'vais chasser
L'avenir du rap c'est moi
J'vais tous les slasher
Gros pétard feuille rasée

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