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late minutes to slow
There may well be others but I still like to pretend
That I'm the one you really want to grow old with

Ive got scheduled stick,
a tipsy Mary Poppins

I can see my old hotel
It ain't even a hotel
I'm scheduled to ride the rails
If I wished to stay on this tower
Things would
the whip marks on your back.

Around the world, and in America specifically, we are being subjected to a regularly scheduled program of fear and violence
On disconnection day
Evidence on display

Be true, believers, you couldn't wait
For disconnection day
To receive your new clichés
The scheduled fears and pains
the gallows, waiting for the noose

Waiting for the sound of your combat boots

?Cause the order?s come down to launch the attach

Scheduled to commence
un-scheduled stops
Watch them kill the crabgrass
But look out for the cops
Hospitals for flowers
The matron ladies cry

Itchy trigger fingers
As our
in a puddle, felt a shock and in a ditch lay
In my final moments I could hear the lucky judge say
Well, I guess the execution went as scheduled
It was a dry and dusty summer day
When that wagon train pulled in
Just three hours 'til the matinee
Was scheduled to begin
As the razorbacks
Just to ask the question
Now how does it feel
On Heikki's suburbia bus tour ride

2,752 un-scheduled stops
Watch them kill the crabgrass
But look
scheduled a practice
And my soundtrack is compromisin' her theatrics
You, you remind me of me, it's not a compliment
Get your song on
You, who you tryin'
don't act like u ain't heard of me
She wanna get sliced, so I scheduled her 4 surgery
Got a couple bad bytchez tryna b my girlfriend
I'll settle when it's
I was conceived in a plane somewhere
Over Rio
20,000 feet above the ground on a
Scheduled flight, flight.
My mamma was a stewardess and my
Daddy was
meanders by
Keeping nature's tabled time
All these things just pass you by
And you can't relax in a scheduled life

Promises already gone
There's no
Uneasy with your surroundings
You wonder if you'll get out alive
The doctors walk in
And he smiles at you
Your sergery is scheduled for five

for death? 
Here's your cemetery plot

[News Anchorman Eric]
We interrupt your regularly scheduled program
To bring this special report live from
(So hot)
(Ya know it's hot)

(Guaranteed hot shit)


We now interrupt your regularly scheduled programmin'
Of hours
Remodel substitutes, the dream starts here

If time is stolen one crucial moment disappears
And selections are re-scheduled by odd incidents
So they made Labor Day 'cause my ??? got jerk?
Even though most niggas still be scheduled to work
Trick or treat, kids? getting candy to eat
interrupt this scheduled transmission to bring you an
Announcemet of national importance... ladies and gentleman"

I'm the world terrorist, HazMat
the comfy of her nest
Probably stayed up late again as I slept
Lest I be behind on a scheduled quest
Into town what awaits, only one way to find out
the comfy of her nest
Probably stayed up late again as I slept
Lest I be behind on a scheduled quest
Into town what awaits, only one way to find out
Learn through silver
It's cold to touch
Wire and springs aren't much for recollection
Heart is scheduled and predictable
But I've figured it out
the Government why
'Cause then the Cause of Death will cause the propaganda to die

He is scheduled for 60 Minutes next. He is going on
French, Italian,
lacking in ambition
I am a building of a person
That's scheduled for demolition

And we were young once
So was everyone
I guess something about it

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