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[tudo avesso... quem vem de fora identifica o quarto aceso... Eu e Eu e Eu...]

SeteUm Dois
SV/SP - 2018
Vas-y, bouge pour moi, allez danse, danse, danse
Vas-y, déhanche-toi, hey

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"Now recording transmission one of the SV Ex Humanus, upon desertion of Earth's gravitational field
The end is here
Humanity has been lost
The few
Me against the world 
That's SV Dub Playa!
to test me, ah. Every day a somebody try to end me, ah. Pull off in that Roadster SV, ah. Pockets overweight, gettin' hefty, ah. Coming for the king, that's
a bad bitch that give me head right
Back to the rappin and trappin
Still bout that action, who askin?
SV, I grind with a passion 
Smoking grams straight
Es difícil mantenerse en estos tiempos sin fe, se fue El Ser y una parte de mí lo sé.
S-V, San Vicente Walking Dead, Das Efx, flashándola con
Ando em meio a Trevas, mas não Levo ela Pra casa

Cabeça a mil por hora, Fato dando nos nervos
Colei no S.V Porque lá está rolando os Fervos
Que se van formando al cabo de las actualizaciones

Mira como te dispare
Te mato con m9 con mosin nagant o tambien con SV
Con una mira x8 tu ni
quebrar vocês na peia, nós é real 

real, real, nós é real
real, real
real trap sv
toda nossa gang se mudando 'pra' sp
quebrada s.v mato e morro por ela 
das ruas de barro pra cima do palco. 
Desculpa o fato era falar de amor 
e hoje vejo que talvez eu não seja
the alps
You hating on the style not my fault
I wanna see what's in the vault
SV tattooed by the cult
They trynna help me take over the world
Fuck around
you too
Step up in the lane yeah I'm driving too 
Working off the birch u got lit up too 
Writing off my rhymes sv not do

Yeah I fucking topped it off
I R.SV.P.'d on the invitation
I sent it care of the blood
That saved me on the spot
With the One who will come

Like a thief in the night 
5-5-0, Maranel-o, yo Lamborghini SV Coupe Deablo
Pablo, show me the stash with the cash
Or I blast, stain your pro wood frame glass
I'm prouder than 4
Blue, it's so blue, every thing so blue
Some say: slow down
How much time does it last?
Driving, sv\,dmming, pushing ourselves around to it.
Yeah, yeah

einer sitzt Einschluss wegen Blitzeinbruch
SV Zelle grau digger nix Freispruch
Suka Sitz bei Fuß und mach Platz wie ein Hund
nós é pouco 


Notas na bag 
Meu nome que assina esse cheque 
Cercado de luzes e flash 
As piranha sempre me seguem 

Dropei um comprimido azul
Cappi von Sox
Mashakil, Spritzen, giftige Ecken
Schönlein: Junkie mit Folie auf Treppen
Bruder, dieses Leben geht zu Ende
SV und ich sehe nur noch
Löwen, nicht Ja-Sager (nur Löwen)
SV-Urteil, Strafkammer (wey, wey)
Justiz keine Männer, Maskhara (Maskhara)
Drehen Runden jeden Tag in Manta'ar (wouh,
ain't talkin' much, my G
The shorties flockin', my G
I'm on it, on it, my G
It's SVS, my G
Bring the fire, bring the pain
If they speak against
Akzent mit ?
Wenn ich will Ese
Signe ich einen Jugo aus der SV
Und schreib ihm dann die Texte
385I wie Abramowitsch beim Chelsea FC
landet Einzelzelle
L-L, S-V folgt nach den Handschellen
Der Drogenkonsum steigt, wenn die Temperatur sinkt
Die Dealer freuen sich, wenn wir Anfang
sans débattre, on emmerde les S/V
Ne viens pas nous chercher quand tu verras le L à la tv

Used to be high in an old bar
I used to think just about you

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