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It's deeper than life Dunn, I'm four dimensions
More suspensions, SV-12; gettin pressed my cassettes need shells
Fuckin Mets need help
It's therapeutic,
Another day in paradise

I'm hall SV and my father
Get my fly, get my fresh, I'm Armada
This is my house, gettin' rid of all these waters
If you ain't gonna
sure y'all bring your music to the area flight
Hold tight

Hold tight

Hold tight get ya ass back what ya did, yo
Hold tight the SV what ya did, yo
the things you do
Don't sell yourself
To fall in love
With those things you do

Yo, one-two
Word up, ah one-two, SV, word up, word up, alright
one-two, SV, word up, word up, alright
Uh,uh,uh and to my nigga Jay-Dee uh, uh my nigga T-3 uh, oh
That nigga Batian uh, uh, that's my crew
Yo, uh, oh
the gat
Hardcore, pimp smacking from acting like what 
Good shit, like the 55 in the back of a bus
Hot shit, SV yours whackin the fun
Don't get jealous
the fight
Grace can only come into the sight.
Soul power it ingites like the sun
SV dominates the industry for fun.
(Fun [fun] Fun [fun] Fun [fun] Fun)
the things you do
Don't sell yourself
To fall in love
With those things you do

Yo, one-two
Word up, ah one-two, SV, word up, word up, alright
a gat nigga what
Hardcore, pimp smack em up and mackin 'em what
Good shit, like 55 in the back of the bus
Hot shit sv your shit wack as a fuck
We got the soul to make you disco
SV will drop the funk to make you disco come on
What you want Disco
We got it for you
We'll make you disco
to drink
You free all hookers and pimps out the clink
New days mutha fucka I rewrite the laws
Everybody gotta get a SV tag 'cause
We run this bitch
something proper proper (Insane Clown Posse and Esham)

Me and J SV what? ICP
OGin' ICP and. You know it

Sv we da best, we ridiculous
Ask Dj Khaled Static plus bitches
We problematic to you battered-ass niggas
Peek the lines, ain't no lies jotted in
Got me a bad bitch and I put her on her back (on her back)
Slime love all the time, we saying, "slatt" (slatt)
Aventador SV, the roof detach
I got
can't blow

And get them fo?sho, bitch can't blow
S.V. style, you know what I'm talking about
Mo?fucking bank account, you say Os
These hoes better stay
"Now recording transmission one of the SV Ex Humanus, upon desertion of Earth's gravitational field
The end is here
Humanity has been lost
The few
Me against the world 
That's SV Dub Playa!
to test me, ah. Every day a somebody try to end me, ah. Pull off in that Roadster SV, ah. Pockets overweight, gettin' hefty, ah. Coming for the king, that's
a bad bitch that give me head right
Back to the rappin and trappin
Still bout that action, who askin?
SV, I grind with a passion 
Smoking grams straight
quebrar vocês na peia, nós é real 

real, real, nós é real
real, real
real trap sv
toda nossa gang se mudando 'pra' sp
quem é que te salva ?
Jogo virou e eu controlo ele na minha palma 

Chama SV que nois bota fogo tudo novo é que nois é o trem 
Olha no olho de quem
rancho apá aquí ahí refil,
La SV en otro disco y está más viva,
Malditos locos soldados que aman El hip hop,
ideas conspiranoicas sobre el ritmo,
Soy como

O clima aq é natural
E eu n consigo para de pensar em vc
Pra mim isso tudo é normal
Aonde eu olho so consigo te ver

Poucas horas
cura que no cabe en el bus
bendiciones para los crews
estamos viajados tu pregúntale al Svs
a la vida le sacamos el juicy
tranquila que lo que le espera

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