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a foolish desire

There's no winner in the game they play
The killer and the prey
Will burn in torment
Screaming and pleading I beg for life
Then I stop
your eyes they were gone for a while /you were screaming /and I searched for the lines of your smile/this is peace and I know 'cause I'm too tired
and screaming)

Could you take my picture
Cause I won't remember
Could you take my picture
Cause I won't remember
Could you take my picture
Cause I won't remember
What we have here is a misunderstanding
A lack of communication, what we have here is
Two people talking and nobody listening
Screaming and yelling
Thirty-one said, "We caught a dirty one."
Maxwell stands alone
Painting testimonial pictures.
Oh, oh, oh, oh.

Rose and Valerie, screaming from
innards decomposed limbs

The twisted bodies screaming in pain
Soulless remnants left to rot

A realm of sickness with rotting landscapes
Gory red
Been hiding out.
Haven't slept in nights.
I'm in a cloud living life in doubt, feeling so down, screaming out loud.
Hear me!
Never again.
Leather straps sealing
Ice pick strikes bloodied eye
Severe torture is what is in store
Sewer breath cretin yearns for more

Eager squirts,
holabaloo, elephant ride

Chasing up and down the square
People screaming everywhere
Right time right place for
the soul within is sold

Purple echoes 
Screaming height
Fossilized thoughts 
Second sight
Follow me into madness

Beyond the gates 
We will need no sun
them at bay
And I say...

No more cover-ups, no more scheming
I hear it coming kicking and screaming
The punishment, long due
The souls convulse
walking politicos domes
they got you fucking screaming
you stared me, when you fucked stared me 
to carry little further, commit murder, 
I never thought, I
the trunk
Told 'em when we hit the streets that we gone make 'em all jump
Kept 'em crunk
Screaming out The Congregation off the whip
Popping clips
And boundary lines, and ancient agreements
But I know that Iæ?¦ only dreaming
Any day I could wake up screaming
Taking orders in a far away land
your anger
I try to recognize your hatred
I try to find some purpose for your pride

So cease your screaming now because your
Voice is worn and hoarse
keeping you niggas and bitches in jump from the minute I get on
Taking they shirt off, showing they tattoos
Screaming and hollering and all
Got the gift
the darkened sky 
A bloodred sign appears in the night 
The evil has arrives, the ravens flies 

Surrounded by the screamings of pain 
The ancient demon
from the darkness within 
The greatest screamings of anger arrives at 
the enemies life 

From the deepest land of hate 
Another soul to save
of death 
Screamings of fear destroyed my faith 
Howling beasts, crimson tears 
Ravens cries in the shadows of night 
The lightning strikes from
Inside I'm screaming
Begging, pleading
No more

I don't know what to do
My heart has been bruised
So sad but it's true
Each beat reminds me of you
Howling winds keep screaming round
And the rain comes pouring down
Doors are locked and bolted now
As the thing crawls into town

Straight out
Take your guitar and your pseudo-hippy pose 
Platitudes ain't got no bearing 
On the myth of my existence 
Or the weight of my own woes
only wanted to he bis friend
He ripped away her shirt, he called her a whore, said that she was dirt
She was pleading for her lifa, she was screaming
They will revive, so alive
Thoughts they will revive

Telling no lies

The walls are still speaking
In the temple

The walls are still screaming

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