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Kazajistán: Astaná
Uzbekistán:  Taskent
Kirguistán: Biskek
Turkmenistán: Asjabad

Tayikistán: Dusambé
Afganistán: Kabul
Pakistán: Islamabad
mistake I ***** her little *****

Pakistan I said you're not alone
Bitti tüm para daha da yok
Kicked out from the home
What the ***** are those
I dun wanna
Pakistan to ayan, that don't really make sense
I missed my sleep 'cuz my dreams were boarding
Just call me in the morning to tell me that it's morning

O ó ó ó

Pælum i Pakistan
Og líka Langt-í-burt-istan
En sleppum Djibouti
Það er ekkert vit í því
Britain, Uruguay, Paki-Pakistan
In the club with my thousand dollar ray bans
In a suit so white it need a spray tan
I know you fake man
Choke on yo vape pen
But the game with the game flow
Playin to Pakistan
Last of the real premiere nigga with the mass appeal
Niggas know the fact, that I got mad skills
It's in the head
We all bleed red... we all bleed red


Chinese people tinkering with nukes and human rights
Pakistan and India, your dots
All that dark woods from Pakistan
The glory the glory lodged inside
Strive to enter the narrow gate
To the fountain flowin' deep and wide

He will
slap a man from here to Amsterdam until this track's the jam
Cause that's the master plan, 
You know I have to slam out in Pakistan 
Make your crew
ain't half a man
Take cover while I'm throwin rocks at you like cats in Pakistan
Slap you with my gat-packin backhand, you have that rap man
When my track
gun to clap in the middle of Pakistan

Either you fight or you clap your hand

Cause weak niggaz can't ever be sincere

I'm the hardest sober hardcore
the Arabs'll do, from Pakistan
Matter fact, like the Sun of Man would, from Bethlehem
Drop a jewel that the children out in school, can understand

All my
on the phone and she yelling it's Vaisakhi
Hit the gurdwara where the saag is sloppy
His family from India but Riz Pakistani
My family from Pakistan I'm
New York

You already know brother, you already know brother
Ain't another motherfucker that can do it like me
something on the telly 'bout North Korea
Some war broke out, don't trust the media
I'd like to get a suntan
Some dude was shot in Pakistan

The track's got
just to see if they'd work. Now France got em, Russia got em,
India and Pakistan, Korea want em, states want em pointed at the Taliban. Iran
dollar bill, oil you spill
Thin red lines on the flag you hoist when you kill
But still we just say "look how far I come"
Hindustan, Pakistan, to London
I done got grown and got a chip on my shoulder
Licks in Kuwait, got links in Pakistan
Boys don't understand virtual reality Caravan
Double doors
doch im Real Life staunen sie und wollen Pics
Das Internet ist wie Pakistan, da trauen sich die Kids

Wir machen Rapper kaputt, verführen ihre
Pakistan, Partisan, Vatikan
Attentat, Massengrab, Sonny Black, Mafia
Hashtag, Flashback, EGJ-Redpack
Wolf im Schafspelz, Schwarzgeld, Kartell
ask my man man-man
Bitter than a batch of tan bran from Pakistan
Don't get smacked with the practice hand
Not one to grand stand, get it on a low-low
Porselanang arinola galing Pakistan
May factory defect sa loob ang hawakan break it down

Oh yeah
All right
Meron akong kalan na gawa sa Japan
Here comes your new billion dollar air squadron 
Laying down a pipeline through Kazakstan
This ends this broadcast live from ABSURDISTAN
the drink leanin' to the left side then I hit the bank just to get the check signed


Pants that I got from Pakistan so expensive that they see

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