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Assata Shakur mi I com love you
Uh-widda Poetic
Justice Affection
Aya tella Oshun gimme someone to flex wit it
jesus christ walk ‘pon de water but
not passionate
Oshun make me wanna do that dance
She bend her back wit it
I'm that kid yeah 

(I'm on one man
Im different different
My soul glow)

on aiffel
Shoot for the stars with my rifle
Pretty on arrival
You the Hebrews in the bible
Goddess true she my idol
Home-girl move moons with her cycle
in bed and listen to the house of balloons
Now I’m ahead of my time healing to songs by Oshun
But this knot in my throat won’t let me figure me out
and rule 
You be sun and moon 
You be oshun 
You be ode 
You be ocean view
Oh shit moments baby you
Git that nostalgic feeling
Now come and ride with me
at the crossroads
And I'm asking Elugba to guide me I feel my heart slow
And I could make like Oshun and hit that ebb and flow
But I'm hearing Ogun saying nigga go
pega, en la cabeza
Con el sonido del ding ding dong (Oshun)
De mi campana suena en tu cabeza
Inquieta toda hecha ruleta
Nea no vea venga pa' que la crea
what you sittin on
Something you could never get the rhythm on
And I'm on African goddess
Oshun in my spirit
Hope in my lyrics
You knew you could hear it
que se desconoce
Como quien dice que conoce sus profundidades
Gracias Oshun por tu sonrío
Mi sonrisa es ire pa' quien me quiera ver jodío
Sigo avanzando
in the fit
Me me you can't sit with
I'm a whole mood and that ain't gon' change
In a pastel suit Oshun on the chain
Nefertiti on my finger
On my throne
You the sun, I’m the moon
But this love is Oshun
Hold you down, really down
I see the blessings coming soon
Rain down
And then the flower starts
And Oshun
And whips 
And oceans
Brown bodies
In chains
In darkness
Like drowning
My ancestors survived
Because they couldn't jump ship
Never knowing what
Learning different languages and making currency 
From seeing Oshun-Osogobo to the Eiffel Tower
I don't care for flights that are less than 6 hours
Second time, it's  crunch time
I said what I said, period 
Go cry
Walking in the jungle  
Showing off my Oshun
Its a problem cause they all wanna know Shun
on the news
They want engrave me on tombs
Cause I got wave on Oshun

Sauce let it drip 
If you really with the shits 
Hit my milly in the vip (In the vip)
daddy long dick that’s (Sabugay!)
Ma chérie morir soñando
Quiero ver yo te extraño
Mami are we on or not tho?
You my Oshun I’m your Shango
My flow like oshun pouring lemonade

Claiming to be in the streets and aint never been to the court
Only time they been to court is when they
in a row
Thats on yemaya... oshun
Sweet water; oh lord, I got all the juice
I rigged the matrix like I'm supposed to
Doing shxt most niggas don't
really had me out my mind yeah
Got me out align, I took a step back
Said I took a minute, took a time then too 
But I don't mind I had talks with Oshun
And Oshun
And whips 
And oceans
Brown bodies
In chains
In darkness
Like drowning
My ancestors survived
Because they couldn't jump ship
Never knowing what
bless up leave the rest up to Oshun
You can bend the whole world if there is no spoon
My baby gotta eat
My baby gotta eat
My baby gotta eat
And Daddy
And I seen the signs but I thought I was cuckoo
The mind is my gift so I had to shift, retune
Healing, vodun, I learn(ed)! 
Ogun! Oshun! Sango!

toque la campana a oshun

Tu me lo prometistes y yo me voy contigo hasta el final 
Tu me lo prometiste y yo contigo siempre quiero estar
Tu me lo

Mas de diez a tirar

Y explicarles yo no podría

Pero cuento con varios santos que me cuidan

Oshun yalode

Ozain eleggua

Shangó Oggun oshosi de

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