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E dobro muitas pernas
Feito golpes de muay thai
Ou do Mike Tyson
Psy-cho, don't believe the hype
Get your diamante
Sai som, Jah
Do Rap eu sou no
don't get carried away
Over character flaws motherfuckas they don't care 'bout us
Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Mike Tyson I punch 'em out
ich bin so verliebt!“
Sie beißt in mein Ohr wie Mike Tyson bei Holyfield, ah
Ich sipp' Henny pur
Meine Jacke aus Velours, ich gucke auf keine Uhr, ja
Bin wie Jeff Bezos, wallah, wurd reich durch Packets
Mike Tyson, Bruder, Seiten immer sifir
Von keinem Mittel zu Scheine schmeißen in den Himmel
heard of that

Psychopath, ride a tricycle in a biker's club
Mike Tyson face tatted addict, like it rough
Hey scatterbrain, don't get your gray matter
it one time, bet I make her swipe (cash)
Beat the pussy, Ike, Mike Tyson bite (woo)
Early AM on the red eye flight
A1 dope, nigga can't forget
Every diamond on me water like Pisces
Tats all in my face, Mike Tyson
If I go fed my bitch is gon' write me
Pack in, got me striking like
Threw her down on the bed, and she said, "Fuck, yeah!"
I opened up her legs, prepared her for the stabbin'
Like Mike Tyson in a brawl, boy, I was
of special ed
You wanna fuck me, you gotta give some special head
'Cause this pussy had these niggas on some special meds
Like Mike Tyson, he was biting my
Imma flush you down the toilet
And if you eva come at me wrong with a mike
Imma throw you in the gutter
I can't be scared these niggaz
Jordan he'd be my ball
And like Mike Jackson we off the wall

And like Mic, man we make heat
And like Mike Tyson we can't be beat
We eat M see's take
Till the class of '89 came through
High top fade, tailor-made Gucci suits
Jordan was champ, Mike Tyson was amped
Reagan was the pres and the border was
doin time 
Up in {?} state jail, you dig 
Seem like soon as I'm findin' happiness the joy's gone 
Kickin' it with Steve Francis, Mike Tyson and Roy
Mike Tyson doin' endos on a Haro
Queens Center mall by the Sbarro

I guess I got it sellin' nickel bags
I got it sellin' nickel bags
Real killer, drug
I love 22 it feels great
Mike Tyson and his outakes, steppin out with the fly date

So fans get ready for the out brake
Cause we gon' do it with
the cops
But I won't do a date upstate
I just perform that old Mike Tyson play and cry out rape!
Before you burst, gimme my keys, stop pleadin' for please
he rap man
He be rappin like Mike Tyson or somethin you know what im sayin
He dont move his mouth
Open your mouth
(more mumbling)
eat? (Ayy)
I was Holyfield, hustlin' in the trap (truth)
They was Mike Tyson, bitin' on the kid (ayy, Mike)
I remember tryin' to get rich (hey)
might just boost my feature price
Cause to each its own and the lights is bright
And I'm feeling like mike at a Tyson fight
I'm from Cita house big
Maybach Benz
I'm swangin' left and right like I ain't got no license
The n*** on my hip, I call it Iron Mike Tyson

And you already know what we mix our
Blick beim Vorbeischleichen
Als wollte ich in sie reinbeißen wie Mike Tyson
Kid, ey, wir komm'n diese Möchtegern-Gs ficken
Deine Schwester ruft uns an,
you what I'm gonna do
I dip and I dab like a Mike Tyson jab
Even though there's flab I possess the gift of gab
I shoot it like a jammy and girls give
But the sex I never take
Cause if that bitch screams rape, like Mike Tyson, I'm upstate
And you know that's a fact, black
So if she says no, that means

doing right about now, you know what I'm saying? 

[Percee P] 

Like Mike Tyson I'll bash your face in for basing 

Give me some space

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