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I was 8 in that new street
Fell off my bike hurt badly but got up immediately
Why is it that when we grow up, we can't do the same no more
See, we
this happen 
Peer down and realize I'm in a blue uniform 
Now I finally get it, I'm the only one to get me home 
I grab the controls and immediately nose
at me

That chemistry

I can still smell
The flowers that bloomed in your hair
My fingers have never felt such luxury, babe
guarantee with the flowers, but you have me today
Immediately in the backseat of this yellow taxi
Gently kissing and caressing up the maxi
Paid the meter,
in the moonlight
I walk up to him to see this mysterious man
When I see him I immediately think of Tarzan

He's a racer
Immediately after the tribulation of the last days shall the sun be darkened
And the moon shall not give her light
The stars shall fall from heaven
of the son of man be
For wheresoever the carcass is, there shall the eagles be gathered together
And immediately after the tribulation of those days
Advantage of them
I take advantage of them
I worship their bodies
And i begin to dismember them
Through my afflictions
I rid myself of these
shit, instead of some loves evil, fuck people shit
But these blood suckas don't respect the culture
In the media, immediately, spittin mediocre
Lyrics I
Guess that would explain the open robe and matching lingerie set
Smelling so damn good she came and gave me a hug immediately got a hand full no
Once I realised my true outlet 
I knew immediately what I wanted
It took me a while to realise most of the happiness in my life was derived from
immediately, on mother's kids
Where he from? Bome again
Run it up and fuck a bitch, I'm worth over a hundred kicks in cash, nigga
Lamborghini truck is slow
And I began to reminisce freely 
It was a cinema 
Featuring me and a cast of emotions 
That demanded my attention immediately 
I had
it, feeling it
Seeing and believing it
I'm running through the options
And the world responds immediately
Totally, convincingly
I can be what I
loaded dice
It's like gettin' stabbed with ice and watch the evidence melt
Immediately the blow is felt

Commissioner revoke the belt, the microphone
to me I strike immediately
I see the envy, you lust what I posses
Guns at my address await you
You slept, I'm'a erase you
I don't hate you
I never gave
Books of the Dead as "The Chapter for Gaining Power," and in modern ritualmagick as "The Gathering of Heka.") But the similarities go immediately astray,
and me
To S & M

Waiter, waiter, waiter

La vie Bohème

In honor of the death of bohemia, an impromtu salon will commence immediately following
be done
It seems to circumvent necessity of physical restraints
Send security immediately over to the gate
And remember that these beings were
that burst black lava bubbles (bubbles).
He put it on immediately, and the rain turned to shimmer and sparkle (sparkle).
But the devil just keeps
Joan of Arc, or Aphrodite
She's so high
High above me
She comes to speak to me
I freeze immediately
Cause what she says sounds so unreal
Cause somehow I
Needles in a vale of safety
Dry up a silent sea
Protect the country
Necessary natives right
Deflecting all light
Never look into
you headed? Bitch is you knowin?
Gettin on my nerves like my bunkie when he's snorin
He needed to leave or get rid of her immediately at this moment
Then she told me that she married to a killer drug dealer
Should I:  a) stay
Or:  b) bounce immediately

'Cause haters
They wait for nightfall

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