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no smoke,I'm depressed and easily to provoke 

..45's and Nines I'm heated,me and Kurupt puffin on a Berry all day 

Repeatedly and immediately in
in their comfortable lives
Stupidity's separated by a wall of glass
We have to stop this immediately this fucking mess

Tons of death's spreading
going to be shooting the Uzi, I immediately recognized it as the gun
The Presidential Secret Service men carry under their coats!
"What's next? Do
an age to read it and then immediately delete it
I didn't see the text but I know what's coming next
"I've got to change these sheets before he returns
the couch
Hitched back to the casino with in an hour
Said "I'm here to make a dollar out of fifteen cents"
And was immediately shot to his death over debts
captain threw
Our treacherous captain he being gone
Immediately there came a calm
And the winds abated and so did the sea
And we went sailing to new
love is forever (fade out immediately)
to them, the sea split
Since then my potenty is been kept secret for years
We negotated over this
Then immediately locked behind rolls and squares
the Fellowship you know freestyle
Meanwhile back at the hall of justice
Abstract bust this this track ain't for suckers

Immediately exceeding the reality
break down, steady breakin' me on down.

You called yesterday to basically say
That you care for me,
But that you're just not in love
Immediately I
art my true divine Master,
Shiva invisible, unperceivable, highest God.

Your heart is very full of mercy,
One who surrenders to you is immediately
Once upon a time me and Vudi met 
A major American rock star in a shop 
We were immediately jealous of his hair 
And his fuel-injected sports cock
Tomato juice and raspberries
Carrots, water crescents, celery
Immediately on floor five

Are you happy, are you learning, are you getting
these statements you'll later on regret

I don't respond immediately 'cause I move with patience
Don't be back pedallin', apologizin'
Sayin' that I'm
Paging Mr Psycho Michael
Please report to the microphone, immediately

We make it hit, we make you hot
Without the crazy beats that you just
I tried just burning the whole thing to the ground today
But decisiveness is such a foreign tenant to my psyche
It violently and immediately began
you thinking? I'll jump in the Lincoln
And leave your ass leaking immediately
Show up this evening and wait 'til you sleeping
Then wrap you nice
I was 8 in that new street
Fell off my bike hurt badly but got up immediately
Why is it that when we grow up, we can't do the same no more
See, we
We've managed to decipher the ancient files from Earth Sir
Excellent, play them immediately
April twenty three 2117

Consumed by our
this happen 
Peer down and realize I'm in a blue uniform 
Now I finally get it, I'm the only one to get me home 
I grab the controls and immediately nose
at me

That chemistry

I can still smell
The flowers that bloomed in your hair
My fingers have never felt such luxury, babe
Love came down 
And touched me in my heart
My loneliness fell apart
Said it was over
But it was a restart 
Time to rethink this feeling
Immediately after the tribulation of the last days shall the sun be darkened
And the moon shall not give her light
The stars shall fall from heaven
of the son of man be
For wheresoever the carcass is, there shall the eagles be gathered together
And immediately after the tribulation of those days

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