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red dress on)
Outa dat o-zo-mobile!
(tell me what I say)
Hafta go ta tia-juana now!
(I don't have it)
He should go to brown moses,
Way down in
that I'm gonna hafta potty train the chairman Mao.

I'm gonna make the governor write my doodoo a letter, child. And then I'm gonna grind me up a White
the industry, like a bird to prey
My stanzas has got stamina, ya verses lack vertebrae
I heard them say I was a conscious rapper
But I'm a monster when I hafta
the master
Disaster, gotta blast ya, 'cause I hafta

The rat pack is back from the island of Stat'
Leave you cursed off, 'cause you worship the gat
don't hafta be an exact
I'm gonna get the gatts and get 'em all in one house, and run out
And sprinkle some on the grass, and spit on it
And come back
[GINA:] What you mean you don't know.
[MASE:] It's gonna hafta be later cause
I was sposta be goin' somewhere wit wit my brothas.
[GINA:] How
Just do what you want to and it'll be okay 

Never smuggle no candy 
Can't be whatcha want to 
When you hafta go 
Down to the darkest places 
ya dividends and fled from da fuckin case
don't drop no peices so I, want catch a case
make a mistake in dis game and man you'll hafta pay
Deep in
the bitch to procastinatin'
Niggas wanna be shippin' me half a cake
Go through whatever drastic measures I hafta take
Make a motherfucker masterbate,
setting you up

Soon be forgetting your existence
Do ya need a for instance?
I hafta admit admire your persistence in stickin to a game plan
to our spectacle 
Carny rides eccentrical 
Hope you like it even though 
Hafta mingle with the poor 
Here you go sir have a seat 
You've got to take
shut the fuck up bitch 
its Infamous 
you're ass betta not scream 
don't make me hafta wipe 
urer muthafuckin brains off my sheets 
I'm gonna burn you
disagree an' get heated 
Hafta tell my people to be seated 
An' restart the anti-stress process 
'Til there's a big mess of twigs an' seeds to meetcha
never claim to be the best type of rapper
But hafta, show them motherfuckers what I'm after
I'm after the gold, then after that the platinum
Beef after
of rapper
But hafta, show them motherfuckers what I'm after
I'm after the gold, then after that the platinum
Beef after that, Hurricane G packs the gat son
the herb
Red-eyed flight, and I'm lookin for my red-eyed homie
Black tone, 'cause I said I might
Just hafta pass through, and let 'em hear some shit that's
Gotta get off gonna get hafta get off of this ride   
Gotta get hold gonna get need to get hold of my pride 
When did I get where did I how was I
goo goo ga ga, i make ya baby laugh 
(Don't you like the way my ugly face looks)
But when baby go night night, 
you gonna hafta to come up with
in the groove 

Don't care about your other girls 
I'm the only one that rocks your world 
Gonna hafta keep me satisfied 
'Cause my innocence
God thank ye, motherfuckers actin' cranky
Stanky, attitudes be janky
I think he, gon' hafta feel the sting from the rang on my panky

You ain't
skate all day, gonna hafta camp
Although I get tired, it doesn't stop me
Hey, bettah watch me
(Gonna twist now, gonna take you on a ride, gonna get
to the test
I don't hafta guess
What you want to know now, baby?
When it comes to you
I know everything and anything
What you like to do, what
straight cussin' for nuthin'

And I really don't want to hafta lose it
But your wearin' me out
Needta quite you mouth
Ya never had to ask fo' nothing
and laughter.
Gonna have to
Get on down to Bohemia.
Global salsa.
Love and laughter.
Gonna hafta
Take you down to Bohemia.

I walk into the Boneyard

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