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It's that season, you gon' cut it or what?
I want an AP watch, is you gon' flood it or what?
Want a brand new whip, all black, gotta be new body
darkness floods the streets
Enemies rise up from underneath
Yeah, it's gonna be a long night here homie
Before the sun set, you might disappear homie
You niggas retired, Givenchy attire
I'm trappin', they think I live in The Wire
I had to flood out my new Audemars
Drop in the Ghost, scaring niggas
the trey, hit the deck and pray
DJ Revolution, spinnin like lead from out the heck-AK
Tearin your neck away, flood up the street wit bloody decora'
niggas? (Ha!)
What's a brick from an outta-town nigga
When you flood and you can drown niggas? (Yughck!)
Here's the G.O.O.D. Music golden child
M.A. dollar
Wit' a master plan to get rid of a sea, me got crack,
And all these diseases that make us immune,
And ain't it ridiculous.
Look at us
mill skin found

Beta not continue I can show you how
Frank Mill aww he done flood it wit rounds
Don't know what to call me I can think of some nouns
those slept away
Niggas that the trey, hit the deck and pray
DJ Revolution, spinnin like lead from out the heck-AK
Tearin your neck away, flood up
and then give it to a modelin bitch 
And you like your watch plain, I'ma flood mine
Alligator bloodline trained to find coke and bite one time

fame would only flood my brain
So when you washed up is when you focus on these lames
Money, motive and music my main objective is this
I'm pushing
you a Prince we'll flood ya and you drown ah 
KRS-One ah, mash up better sound ah 
Satan in the dance, we a mash right down ah 
Down, to the ground
like I'm makin' love
Wit cops, got the block hot like a Jamaican clubs
Cop, wait, wait for a drought an' then I make a flood

Try to take my cake, you
love this pup shit
Passing the mud shit
Pockets on flood shit
OG lyrical blood shit
I don't rent I buy shit
Niggas jealous of my shit
You unaware
near breathless
Death to them haters, I put forth the effort
I kill all the doubt, now you niggas respect us
I'm 'bout to make billions flood out my
of you"
Flood your bank account with all the celery
And it's makin' this lettuce and relish too (woo)
I'ma keep it clean in case I see you
She said,
B's are bringin' out the boat when the flood comin'
Young nigga with a whole lotta fuckin' money (ah)

Project hallways, you understand me?
the day I was born
But in th hall of mirrors I had felt so high
I cannot walk another mile in this flood
So resigned to my fate, I just collapse in
been sealed

By the curse of a violent unstoppable flood
Mankind had been drowned in an ocean of blood

The next revelation was vivid and cruel
my drop so I can ride the choppers
Fuck doing rock and rock I'ma flood the block
Headed straight for the top on the ground for skrilla
On the way like

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