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'em haircuts
The flood has begun, and no one has been paired up
So I'ma take a second and beckon the downfall
Of your so called civilized nation
the flood
I walk through God's practical joke on man practically broke
And if they raise my rent again I'll spend my nights practically soaked
Who spits silk
along tomorrow, sorry
Looking not at hopefuls (???), where's the raindance
My little flint never dreamed would flood unpotable
See I sanitize nothing
Swingin' with this here stud, you need practice,
I'm leaving floods of blood on your mattress,
I'll leave you holdin' your swollen backside and rollin',
Flood it like Katrina, make sure that your ship sank (damn!)
You would think money's growin on trees
The way your boy run through a couple hundred G's
bank take lil' bank'
Flood it like Katrina, make sure that your ship sank
You would think money's growin' on trees
The way your boy run through
for you
Each time I think of you
Flood gates open and I'm left drowning
And although, it lingers in my sleep
May you return to me
Not to possess
I don't want to hit the curb yo
That's the perks though, I get a couple bands
Ice flood a couple bands every time I let a verse go
could toat in the budget 
Got money to prove it 
I done flood the public
Hope Beatrice'll do it
In my life My life
Now my name is Baby
But the call
no real fam
Niggaz is playin you
Trust me I wouldn't let my brother have his way with you
I'm only stating facts
Shit is plain as flood lights
We drop
she jizz in her pants
She's shake it around and around and around,
Her coochies a flood, my stick is a dam
I found twenty thousand she just found my
gotta sit in the bing
So for them, I flood my chain and piss in my ring
Yea, shit on these niggas 'til I sit wit the Lord
I woulda been home last year
the blind side
We makin' money while you n****s makin' petty quotes
You can make it rain, we make it flood like the levee broke
It's all about the paper,

I’m looking around like this can’t be happening
Round of applause for the angry rappers
Lord, my girl cried me a flood than me a river
on my dick
Took a couple verses just to flood the wrist (Rollie)
R.I.P. my cousin Freaky niggas took him from me I just want the money (I just want
Prolly cause I told Edgar to spray 'em til he drippin'
Now paint wet, your bitch wetter
Got diamonds flood my necklace
Gettin' headshots I called
come to Houston, it's understood it's the West ho
All I knew is get money, flippin' stash and I flood the safe
Take a jet to Cuba to find me a plug
clips, I sink ships, cutting faces like a pirate
I've never caught a flood, for the mad shit that I did
Heard, you got the word so observe
I shatter
was gettin' it out the mud
I put the hood on flood
I was bumpin' Danny Glover in the Chevy
I put the hood on thug
I put your hood on wet-wet
I put
niggas? (Ha!)
What's a brick from an outta-town nigga
When you flood and you can drown niggas? (Yughck!)
Here's the G.O.O.D. Music golden child
M.A. dollar
you up 
 Man, Homicide be looking for whoever tore you up 
 Flood up the whole block with paramedics and coroners 
 I can roll up all by myself
instinct that keeps my head above the water
Everyday I show another how a I love a slaughter
Flood your daughter, full of more holes than spurges
be happy 'til my bezel look see-through 

Until I flood N-why with pediquo and diesle 

Catch me with the top, off my whip 

Bust my gun while
and 39 nights
So my cerebral flows flood the Earth with a, megahertz
And the first shall be last and the last shall be first
Reciting a biblical verse

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