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of knowledge keeps hidden the truth
Until the serpent reveals the inner temptation

Let there be fall of man let there be flood and ark
Let there be ten
they pour down my body and they flood the ground
The tears that I'm hiding
No, they ain't for cryin'

Hey, hey, I've gotta pick
I'm breaking everything I've touched

I've never been afraid of hugs
I've never been afraid of lugs
I've often got lost in floods drug induced
me more time
Yeah, I might say the dumbest shit, that's due to the Hennessy
I stay with the flood wrist, you're due to remember me
I told her
got no chill (No chill)
A killer for real (Uh, killer)
I flooded my AP (Flood)
So I keep it off safety (Yeah)
You cannot play me (Woo)
That's why
You had that feeling, but you fought it

Baby, don't fight it
Hop on top, baby, ride it
Mouth flood with diamonds
You on my mind, yeah
Sometimes questions, they flood my mind
At times like this, I just ask


Can you tell me why
Why I fell for you
Why do I ask why?
Hit her both ways
As a main nigga and a sidekick

I met her in the summer, started with a kiss
Then I fucked her so good that I had to flood her
bored as fuck, bring a flood
I got scuba stuff, I got mukluks, buckle up and shut it
Guzzle up it's 40 bucks a tank, 80 on the cruise

the whole case
Bust it down and flood the whole state
Bitches know when that work good
Anna Mae eat the whole cake
We ain't even gotta role play
of them flying in
I'm a product of my environment
I get some product and flood the environment
They watchin' the ice when I stop at the light
I drop
what happens next (yeah)
He might just help me just flood out my neck, yeah, diamonds shining VVS
I'm a big dog, in this shit, I'm a vet (tell em' T)
was a drought, now flood the fuckin' face
I park the car and think about the shit I learned today
Like how to fuck 'em three at once, I swear I pop
a smile on the devil's face
Who don't wanna sell dope forever and flood their Rollie 'til the bezel break?
Woo! Fish scale in the two-door that I
the game, I'm the Young Money white knight
Yeah, plus I'm lookin' for the right type
Cautious of a flood so I always lay the right pipe
West put me
own flood, I feel like Noah
'Cause all he had was little rocks, an ark, and saw
Road to riches, I'm still in gear while you park your car
Your baby
oversized sweaters
Over time went the changes
So I'm in the rain waiting
For the flood gates to open
Impersonating my favorite VH1 Behind the Music
the type shit that we on
Official Wu-Tang headbanger
Flood your space with big waves like you didn't set an anchor

[Raekwon the Chef]
Yo, I drink heavy
I be goin' ham
Shawty upgrade from baloney (please)
Them niggas tippin' good
Girl but I can make it flood (I can)
Cause I walk around
live you should
See how niggas live,
Gotta water flood property,
They both back at her crib,
Movie with Denzel and the nigga actin forreal
I used
Rolly all flood to New Orleans
And the Big Rolls Royce can't park it
Got gold rims on my As Martin
And I'm rollin' up in that foreign
I said
I'ma flood
Black Jesus piece like it's dipped in mud
Fashion God's, notice mine
Roller ball spikes I'm Pokemon
Paris shit, Louboutin
Under bright
They say Gucci's a criminal
Flood my timepiece with emeralds (burr)
Not conserve' or no liberal
Donate Rollies for Christmas (huh)
Heard I shop
mean nothin' (sorry)
Might pop up in yo hood and flood yo trap to flex my muscles (trap)
Drinkin' promethazine and eatin' crab, legs and oysters

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