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silly me
(I ain't got time!)

Better talk shit
'Cause I'm either in my Cons or my Golf shit
Pants got a little flood, nigga pipe down
A lil uzi, lil
of life...
In a haze of hazard, in the withering chill
Baleful's the passion, when hearts stand still
A flood of sentiments entwined - Rattle through my
feel a little hate running through my blood
I want to flood the world with my twisted thoughts
You can bid all day, but I can't be bought

Uh, break
Flood Street
Only difference now is that I'm on my feet
And I don't sell dope no mo'
Don't rob no mo'
Mane a nigga don't plot no mo'
Cause I'm performing
The Men-Daemon hypocrites...
- Punish and severe their bodies...
- And greet the abash Kingdom of floods.
- Give procreation of malhavoc...
- The Abaddon
judged by the length of her hair
Self-hate grows and it flows like a flood
The light-skinned black's lovin' the slavermaster's blood
To be grown up is

Death offers no hope, we must grope
For the unknown answer:
Unite our blood, abate the flood,
Avert the disaster

There's other ways than
it's a muthafuckin' World War three on the streets
Nigga, y'all feel it

[Verse Two]

And as the blood of my niggas flood the streets,
I refuse to speak,
If it floods your heart, live it
Nigga don't die up in it
Just cause my soul's trippin' outta control
Smashed up on the freeway
It's gotta be
the bitch that shit me in the ditch
And plot the death of the fag that said he'd make her rich
In dish washing gloves, anger starts to flood
At gun point,
through the rust and rot and dust
A small spot of light floods the floor
And pours over the rusted world of pretend
And the eyes ease open and it's dark
The Unknowing
I Can Set A Flood In Motion For The Arrogants Plans
Are Always Built On Sand
Like The Wind Drives The Rain The Subterranean Will Bring Pain
I Can
she use
She says, "Meet you in the bathroom at a quarter to two"

Hey, you know what you must do
'Cause the flood gate's open, your hips are getting
the flow the hills have still got,
The skills, the beats to get nice on,
Don't need drugs, I get a buzz when the mics on,
So hit the floods Suffa like it
flood em all with rocks
Keep clockin' knots, cause it don't stop 
Stay close to a chop, just in case you think not
Baking soda in the water till it
Fuck the cop nigga, go shoot pool, pussy plot
You make me cum, I might flood the block, wet on my socks

I want to talk about guns
figure, with the V12, I make that straight killa
I flood the block, I hug the glock
I have a whole neighborhood that seen a thug to stop

'Cause I show 'em
creation for its ominous returns
And well before dawn you color me gone

Come hell, come high water, come into me
Storm bring your flood waters turn
Solitaires, diamond studs
Like chandeliers I'ma flood
Black Jesus piece like it's dipped in mud
Fashion God's, notice mine
Roller ball spikes I'm Pokemon
growin' apart or tryna survive the flood like we in Noah's Ark
We battin' down the hatchets and we set sail
Tryna get far away from inhalin' them
of living here the memory floods in
The morning light off the fire escapes
The nights in Bennett Park blasting Big Pun tapes
I'm 'a miss this place,
Gangstas don't talk, we beat the case and walk
[Shyne - Hook]
We them niggas with big guns and big dicks
Flood ya block, and keep it gangsta
how I'm makin' the game (break down)
See me doin' it, it
I'm 'bout as good as its gonna get, get
Uh, Philly chick get it down
If the flood is comin'
your boy layin' in the same puddle of blood as yours

When I flood his porch
Smuugle a gun in court and shoot the judge
Easily reduce a thug

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