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and nature sing,
And Heaven, and Heaven, and nature sing.

Joy to the World, the Savior reigns!
Let men their songs employ;
While fields and floods
dead sex, dead cigarettes flood the ambulance in the dead of night
Alright? Alright

Nothing hurts, nothing moves, nothing stays (No one sleeps and no
There is no such thing as fire and brimstone. When the rains come, so will the floods and Noah will be your grave. Help promote the de-evolution
There is a river of gladness
That pours from Emmanuel's veins
This sinner was plunged beneath the flood
And got saved

Since then I walk in
I keep pushing for what it was before
Before you hopped up and changed, no
Memories just floods my brain (keep thinking bout ya)
How we used
Breath out breath in new life tonight.
I know that the world won't come to me I'll go searching every day.
If floods of bombs rain down all
what happens next (yeah)
He might just help me just flood out my neck, yeah, diamonds shining VVS
I'm a big dog, in this shit, I'm a vet (tell em' T)
I'm a flood it for him
My vision is blurry, I just hope that I get to see thirty
I pray for another morning
Wake up with your bitch, she got nothing
just close it tight
Shoveling dirt bitch
I'm covered in burns with a smirk on my face
Dumped in the flood and got blood on the pumpkin
And I'm so sorry I couldn't speak
So sweet

A symptom of the overrun
A blinder trust, the whole lump sum
A warmer room, a hallowed flood
A film,
and a nigga all smiles
I just bought a mansion to raise my child
I just put the diamonds in place of my dial
Quartz on the counter and the flood that towel
seems so far away
The tide will flood your heart some day

Keep hauling Ho!
Rouse and raise your voice
Hold your course and don’t let go
Keep hauling boys
Go and sneak us through the rivers flood is rising up on your knees, oh please
Come out and haunt me, I know you want me
Come out and haunt me
winds, droughts or floods
Herbs grow but not in poison
The healing action, the colour, song
They are all flying south now
a void non entity
Remiaisce of days gone by
Beneath the flood of the moon lit sky.
With your last breath
You'll endure death
Never to awake
an da brain I ponder, trunk go bang like flash flood thunder, people hate me like Bill O'Reilly, trunk go bang like pops off Friday.

And eat the stars
Under the wisdom tree
We'll drink the weeping grass
I need my fire drug
To feel the flood
I'm selfdestructive baby
But a friendly one
another flood,
Your house will float on Noah's wood.

I've got a mild fascination for collectors
I've got a mild fascination for collectors
Where'd you
know is taken by this flood, 
You were blind but there's no hope.
Dig a hole but there's no blood,
Who am I to pretend, who am I to recommend there is
Day in and day out
Shit on and kicked in
The world's garbage you lift sifting
Mind like a wrath flame and flood
Dine talking, no one's listening
Lying on the flood, the world carries on
Life does not wait for me
Trying to pretend that I was
Everything you believed

Drowning in my own
Well, you hit me like a flood, hit me like a drug in the ocean
Give me four on the floor and six by the dozen
Be the life of the party cause
When you flood in front the other
Keep breathing just like they taught you
You politely asked to take a walk with me
I would've married you there
they pour down my body and they flood the ground
The tears that I'm hiding
No, they ain't for cryin'

Hey, hey, I've gotta pick

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