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rude talf crule baby I know
But your trinna touch the man no bible

Almighty beside me gotta new dance
In ya shorty move ya feet like
The ants in
not artificial cause I'm just being real with you.
It's just one of those days' you don't say, tick me off start a fire like foreplay
Ill visual's my
at the ceilin' fan
Feelin' cramps, wishin' I could get a killer gram
Tryna understand why I wanna kill a man
With high hopes like rubber tree, plants, and ants
Drinkin' Remy straight deepen the midget's puffin' on fire
Knew her nipples were pierced cause I could see it through it shirt
Peep up the thighs
We make that music  that moves your body (natural high, natural high) 
We got the fire, that gets you higher (natural high, natural high) 
cause I can show ya
Why is my shit so funky it stanks?
Pee Wee, Shorty B, and Ant Banks
You outta pocket trying to hang with my crew
You might of just
a torch, my strap and I'm gon' ride
Once I find who I'm lookin' for I'll set 'em on fire
Searchin for niggas out there disrespectin' the game
It's gon' get
an ants ear, precious necessary
Got my mind on the cheddar kill my haters together
Bury em in abundance and starve there family's stomach's
Paper come in
a groupie
My ratin droppin a doosie watchin a movie
Because what I'm spittin a lot (tipper) than (hawk tooie)
I spit fire all you mcs are tracking about it

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