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Ayo, ChineGun wore gloves in the summer, threw him my numbers
A pair of jumpers, hollow head lead dumpers (boom, boom, boom, boom)
This Louis V shit, Virgil designed it
I got shot and a few niggas got murdered behind it (I'm right with them niggas)
Ayo, the MAC shoot silent, you just seen niggas droppin'
Who ran the yard? Who ran the phone? Who had the biggest locker?
Who had the Glock? Who had the MAC? Who had the biggest chopper (brr)
You gettin' shot, you gettin' whacked, no need to get a doctor (hahaha)
Ayo, ain't no bomin' back, the Louis V lumberjack
Havin' paperwork parties for killin' all fuckin' rats (boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom)
SE Gang, who can fuck with that?
My shooter face covered with a bunch of tats, hit him twice, double back (boom, boom)
A couple hundred racks vacuum sealed with rubber bands
No money wraps, used to hit niggas with the dummy packs
Ayo, couple gats, '98 Lexus with the bubble back (skrrt)
Tom Ford bubble with the third, doin' jumpin' jacks 
What would ChineGun do? You gettin' shot if you ain't from here
She wanna fuck me and run through all my accounts 'til they empty
What would ChineGun do? I'm still thinkin' militant

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