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Ce matin, je me lève du plomb dans l’aile
J’me lève comme un con avec le soleil
La sonnerie du iPod
Money de Pink Floyd
Me pousse de l’avant
C’t un
question de hockey 
Nous on fait pas dans la dentelle, OK? 
C'est plus qu'un sport : 
c't' une métaphore de notre sort 
C'est ça qui nous ressemble
hear these words cause a nigga tries not to mutter
You niggas out here in ct flexing with no fucking purpose 
You claiming that you fucking hoes oh man
Now who the fuck gone guard the 3
Who the fuck gone guard 23
Kobeashi call Bruce lee
CT I'm rising up
And young nigga on a mission
Dreamville wya
an eye

I will end you
As you beg and scream
Watching the blood stream
When will you learn
That you are worthless
Mark my words; c**t

I will find you one
Yes, sir!! Uh La La La
Give me, give me,
give me the mic
Rock Diamond on my neck
Rock Diamond on your neck
1 Rock 2 Rock 3 Rock 4
安くねぇんだ13ct Stone
say shit that I ain't about
If you wanna talk money let me see the amount
All eyes on me, young CT, young MVP
By my lonely, come see me RSVP
could grab it
But I can't have it
You tease a little
Call it snacking
I like the challenge (CT)
I eat it up cause ima savage  
Bitch where the napkins, ya
Now who the fuck gone guard the 3
Who the fuck gone guard 23
Kobeashi call Bruce lee
CT I'm rising up
And young nigga on a mission
Dreamville wya
Walked in the jeweler like lil nigga freeze me
860 yeah I'm repping from Ct
Straight to the top pulling up like I'm Mei We

First you gotta
He went from ESL to YSL
Cause we XL, we fly as hell
Flushing to Melrose Queens, where the crooks live
CT for four years, to wile out read books
to be a technological disease
And psychologically do battle with the best emcee's
Upper case CT and Technique
Cause I'm the capital of revolutionary
the chronic B?
My short term memory is chronically
Fucked up, cause I burn down constantly
How could I shape up? I forgot geometry
But they gon' learn CT
of Chris Webby though?

BarsTaLoan: Chris Webby? Man I ain't worried about Chris Webby, man, I told you. I'm the illest out here in CT, I'm not worried
deviens sectaire et con
Mais ça le fait, ça me plait, et je sais que j’ai raison
Donc, comment te dire que j’aime pas ct’époque
Que des tass’ je dégote ou
dem letzten Geld leiste ich mir Kippen
Dann die Reste zählen, 60 ct reichen für paar Schrippen
Meine Mutter ruft an
Sie wollt mit mir im Park sitzen
l'sud, c't un maudit beau voyage
L'hiver est moins rude sur une plage
Le grand soleil à cinquante cennes par jour
Ça vaut la peine d'aller faire son
Yeah, yeah

원하는 것 get 'em all
아직 없어 많은 buzz
도심 속의 주인공
CT 앞에 N 붙여
우린 won을 쫓지 않아
Be the one one one
Yeah 셀 수 없는 밤 난 주인공이 돼

I be bangin' with
As I be giving you grieving
I'm finished with the c**ts
Over and out, 'cause ready up roll

Here's to born of enough panic, panic button
and mimic me. Submit and mimic me. Comply and mimic me. Do my eyes refle ct the things I must protect...and will my soul neglect the strength I must project?
Reppin' 203 they know these digits
Tatted on my ribs so CT with it
Skinny as a motherfucker still I rep the Huskies
I'm through the roof now
D, D-Roc, hello, fuck the beat
Digga, I'm about to fuck the beat
Uh, uh, fuck the beat
Huh, I'ma fuck the beat
CT, I'ma fuck the beat
真っ赤なRaider 巻き上げるPaper
Shot out to my haters
磨いたモンは何? 皆寝とる間に
誰が獲る天下 平等にある権利
Silverのチェーンから 100ct.
Those the ones that I bump from the subs in the trunk 
'Cause I'm twisting up in CT (yeah)
I was in my Sean John hoodie with a taste of Sam Goody

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