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Bigger than 9/11
Been to heaven
Are you questioning my intelligence
Which part of relevance 
Does your intelligence understand 
I'm not a fan 
somos la luz que te guía ciegamente

En la vida y en la muerte aun presente 
aunque triste y deprimente siempre fuerte
9/11 preparados mentalmente
shit like a boss
Yea im'a baller
After we sex I ain't call her
Know that you got another
But you ain't love em
Dash on a 100 like emergency
9/11 yea no
Gassed up like 9/11
Back back or bitch im telling
Real hot girl bitch dont text me
No reverend but I'm blessing
You hot then bitch come test me
blow it up like Bush did 9/11
And I'm just ballin' with my niggas
Fuck a hundred dollar bill, I'm tryna make six figures
Man, shit, maybe seven
to me elementary 
Heat like a fire man on the wire 
And all this talk about 
An inside job for September 11 
9/11 survivors 

I'm independent 
While all
floor of the truck, like I got no honour
I never said it though I kinda said it
I'm cruisin' through New York in a 9/11
Used to fuck Junie 'round 9/11
shocked the world on 9/11
All the TV stations showed it 24/7
We were around but was it the whole truth?
I'm not too sure about it

Updates, stock rates,
thank them for the city of New York

For sure

9/11 made us stronger
Black outs should've lasted longer
And nutcrackers made the summer alright

No lie
It was seven months since 9/11
And the work was almost done
It was seven months since 9/11
And the work had just begun
Ground Zero lit
Sunlight, nigga brought a knife to a gunfight (Yuh)
I only brought a pen, you don’t think it’s powerful
Frame like a plane, 9/11 with the towers full (Oh god)
Had to get me a check

Then im gon Stone my white Jesus wit them black diamonds thats a cruciflex
Cop a 9/11 on ya niggas so that I'll never forget
and King gone
Tales from the hood is what I sing on a rap song

Everybody petrified ever since 9/11
The hood was under attack before 9/11
Tell me how we
Breadwinner with the pixelated face
Like pepper but I always carry mace
9/11 9/11 9/11 when?
I'll repeat it, I'll repeat it, I'll repeat again
a see if ya sayin' my name (N-O-R)
Millionaires, that change the game
That got 9/11 clouds (clouds) and bullets that grain
Don't calm down (down) this
Roll through the gates to ya mansion on a hill
Pull up in a Porsche 9/11 just to kill 
Party with ya homies cook filets on the grill
owe ya jack
I'm a legend in the building, 9/11
'Cause I'm standing 'til finish, I'll see ya'll in heaven
(Chopped 'N Screwed)
So confused
a different layer
From a different layer
What does that mean?
I am from a different universe let me explain
When 9/11 everyone was a survivor  
Where we have
is like 9/11 shit nigger
Some 9/11 conspiracy
Some conspiracy

Hey nice balance

Yeah Yeah
My family flight my family flight
In the morning uh

Me I
World of dogs, dogs of war
Unleash terror upon the world
Crimes of hate, crimes of state
Violent rage, medieval age
9/11 Was a lie, in 9/11 people
a different layer
From a different layer
What does that mean?
I am from a different universe let me explain
When 9/11 everyone was a survivor  
Where we have
Fuck a 4, I pour a 6, and I'm 5'11 
Hop out and drip on a bitch, at 7/11
My niggas some terrorist, but it ain't 9/11 
Rest In Peace to my niggas,
die for you (fuck you!)

9/11 such a tragic day, 

9/11 they'll find away to destroy everyone else!

not saying that i hate my country, 

'cause i love
the yeet
But they all smell like feet
I know who did 9/11 it was bob ross
He whipped and nae naed on their dead cross
I jumped really hard like I was a bunny

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