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呼呼 Wake Up For In Love
Deshalb machte ich Hustlecash
2015 hatte ich das erste Mal Geld im Duffelbag
Mit Money kannst du Gucci shoppen
Money lockt die Bitches an
Ich klau’ mir
caleta 2015 ya tiene su culo
Me hace hueco en la toalla
Se arrima
Y si prueba a tocar no falla
Vecina, el resto no me da la talla
Tú Sabes quien coño
Natan feat Мот - Молодая Кровь 2
2015 год
Сл.: Мирзохонов А.А., Мельников М.А.
Муз.: Мерзляков А.В.

Настало время жечь мосты.
Natan feat Мот - Молодая Кровь 2
2015 год
Сл.: Мирзохонов А.А., Мельников М.А.
Муз.: Мерзляков А.В.

Настало время жечь мосты.
2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, oh 
Levante os dedinhos, dedinhos, dedinhos, dedinhos
A historia da sua família
A historia da suada sua casa
em 2013
2014 'tou a voar pra fora da icesa
2015 vou correr até calejar os pés
2016 eu 'tou expressar tudo o que 'tava preso
2017 fez me only one
Arsız Bela
Beyto Beat
Sene 2015
İlk bi söyledik yine söylüyorum
Biz her zaman burdayız
Bu sesi dinle

Yine gece oldu yarim yarim ah yarim
keser, cürmün ne?
Çete misiniz, hepinize tek sümsükler

Gürbüz Rap
Yıl 2015 açın önümüzü, mümkün Rap
Kale kapılarını kırıp aralar
Harala gürele dalar
In October 2015, I was out in the yard
I'd just finished splitting up the scrap two-by-fours into kindling
I glanced up at the half moon, pink,
the fake jewels
2015 we giving you the blues
You ain't got a car and or a crib true
How you spend 40 on your wrist dude
Fake it 'til you make it out a man
Yeah, I'm mad with rhymes
Been doing this since '99, I'm a mastermind
Homie, it's 2015, and all my n****s gon' kill it
When they finish the job, the other
to the locked door
Game ain't showed you no love, nigga my lord
Yeah, 2015 Raw encore
Give me my saw with the countdown - five, four
Three, two, one, see when
even then I was blind
2012, I remember being in need
True, 2015, you were fallin' for me
You sent through a love letter for me to read
And it's
2015, Rap braucht immer noch kein Abitur
Rap ist Geld, weil die Nutte für mich ackern geht
Wie deine Tante, die bei irgendwelchen Truckern bläst
Anna-Maria nahm die Kinder
Zog mit ihnen weg, in dem Moment dacht' ich, das war's für immer
Eine Woche später, 2015 Januar
Erhielt ich eine Nachricht von
Taylor Perretta at December 15 2015
His mother has trying to breastfeed him and she found something when she was trying to do that
It turns out she has
à tous ces haineux que si j'rappe c'est pour vivre
Tu fais pas le poids tu peux pas m'affronter
2015 c'est sur moi qu'il faudra compter
Le sac et le pao
Jesucristo llega
Se salvaron
Si no se hubiese muerto colega
Yo soy rápido
Audaz como lince
No quisiera verme en el 2015
Novato no me envidien no me
looking out for Quees
Bitch bad, no Kanye
When we do it, do it our way
2015 Wanya
I don't give no damn 'bout what ya mom say
Rollie wrist, I'm the shit
Shut up, I love you
You're my best friend

Get you under pink skies, I know exactly where we should go
'Cause I love the way your green eyes
Lighting fireworks in parking lots
Illuminate the blackest nights
Cherry cokes under the moonlit summer sky
2015 Riverside, it's time to say goodbye
with comics
2015 we still gon' rock shh

With dough, 'dro my flow in the pocket
I'm already 40 some say I need to stop it
Call me when it's time

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