The Boys: Green Gang

by Joshdub and Juicy

Joshdub is a part of a Youtube group called The Boys, and uploads videos with known artists such as Your Narrator, Mullyvr, Eddievr, and JuicyFruitSnacks.

We're the Green Gang

It's a meme thang

Got the block shut down like Pyongyang

We strapped

Purple gettin' clapped

Green like the cash that we keep stacked

My Boy Eddie is a killer

A straight up thriller

He green and he mean like a drunk caterpillar

So back down

This a Green town

Doin' Green stuff

Reapin' that Green crown

Shakin' while we're takin' and breakin' em

We're the Green

Sayin' No-no's on the screen

Take the streets

While they scream

"Wait, what's that? Is Purple Gang rappin'?"

Nah fam it's the sound of Purple cheeks clappin'

Written by: Joshdub and Juicy

Submitted on: October 26, 2020