Pain Thief

by Left Undecided

Why do we call ourselves The Left Undecided? It's because of the diversity of our ideas and preferences as individuals which led us to just name our band as The Left Undecided.

I can see through your eyes your despair
I don't know why you don't want me to care
It's making you numb, making you alone
No, I don't want you like that being on your own

What's the point of having me, being at your side
If you don't even give me the chance to make you smile/mine

Let me take your hurt
Let me be the one to bleed
I don't want your heart broken
Just let me take the deed

Hope to heal those wounds
Can't take seeing you in pain
I wish I'm a doctor
It's driving me insane

Written by: Left Undecided

Submitted by: kawayan_k on July 01, 2020