by Artiste(s): WCMH Stars West coast media house

Verse 1 (SoulTee)
If them tell you sey them dey your back, 
just know sey them dey look for how to dey your front.
And if you think sey them dey do your own,
 just know sey them dey look for how to spoil your own.
People wan spoil my name, Ontop nothing
They for like be my oga, Kole possible
People don fall my hand, e no be new thing
See them wan chop my eye, you need fork and knife?

Refrain  (PBoat)
You know this life is a ride or die
Some don't get they'll rather die,
Just a struggle and you gonna reap (yeah)
You gotta fight to the final race, 
Tho pain and tears might come embrace but by endurance, you'll end in grace yeah...

Verse 2 (Isco Raymond)
Say the Life go come my Guy (yea) 
Everything Nice like that (Yea)
Say this Life go sup for us All
Everything good like that (Yea)
See this life go sup for Us (Yea)
Everything sup for All of us o (yea)
Say this life Go sup for all
E no go plum for all
You no say the Money chase e go be for all,,,you no go talk too much no go talk too much.
Do your thing lowkey no go loud too much.
Say the Money Go come, e no go stop my Guy
I ain't stopping for nobody
I ain't stopping for nobody
Keep on going till I get it
I Keep on going till i get It

Chorus (PBoat)
We must stand up by ourselves, we must have the life
Even if this race is tough,
We would have this life.

Verse 3 (Emblaze)
You see this life , E no b joke 
As I just Dey low key , make the money show 
Haterz plenty , they no want make I blow 
Everybody go Dey , to ba Ti di tepo 
I told them am hard ,but they want make I soft
Am up on the ladder they want make I fall
Whether them like am or not o 
Awa la ma joba Lori won 
You can see
You can’t look away pon the blessings 
You can’t pre me 
When the money Dey and we start to ball 
A o le jabo ,nigga mi no fall for any shit o 
Aye le gan, if I start to talk am ground go full o

Verse 4 (Shilegzy Swazzo)
This beautiful 
(Wo)Tori woni dis life(dis life x2)
Wolo odabi dungeon(Dungeon)
Carry ur cross alone(Alone x2) 
Everyday, Everyhour, Every Minute wo iyen pelu seconds....
(So,Wo,) Jara e mah nigga toba reni toma Ja ee ,Competition ni ile aye Wo ready lati Ja ee
Determination ni key
Goal yen ni aim ee
Shilegzy go tell them this life is a ride or die 
Ti hold up bamu mi loju ona 
Nigga I go rather fly 
Never Quit, keep on trying 
Never walk, keep on flying 
Let ur flag, keep on shining 
WestCoast, we keep on shining


Verse 5 (Whalex Gan Gan)
I've been dreaming I should go high, higher mo un lo....
I've been dreaming above sky ah ayii'ii higher mo un loooo....
Tin ba gbotelomi mo gboti jabesi were si le sorireeee...
Ba ye se un round about, ko kuro lojukan alukayeja lo jo kan, one day......

Verse 6 (Joemania)
Respect all fear no one sa ma gbadura kode ma sora 
Wen you are down don't cry just hope and pray and smile
Ola si ma da 
Makanju akosile o le tase lai 
Ayanmo lagbara 
Afarawe man leni pa 
Gbeje malo fo fun Ola 
Ola si ma da 
Joemania yee


Submitted by: wcmh2020 on June 20, 2020